February 2023 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

MBPA Monthly Meeting

February 2, 2023 @ 6:00pm

Attendees: Ted Ten Eyck, Sue Roux, Frani Spivak, Jenn Walsh, Christine Bellavance, Donna Connolly, Kevin Sitler, Chithra Baylis, Tom Winrow, Amy Pierce, Kim O’Neill, MaryBeth Kennedy, Christine Petrucci, Matt O’Neill, Gary Troilo, Tim Quinn, John Mackin, Kate Rozelle

Meeting Called to Order:  6:02pm

Directors Report

January was a quiet month.  Color guard has started competitions.  Percussion begins on 2/11.  Volunteers needed and we are very grateful for everyone’s help and support so far.

Still looking for one more female chaperone for Dayton – April 19 – 23.

Need help for Trumbull for moving props on Feb 25.

Truck drivers are needed for both percussion and color guard heading into next year as both drivers are currently parents of seniors.

Treasurer Report

Waiting on 2 Patriot game payments

First 2 invoices of 4 total for Dayton have been sent out – payments coming in

Color Guard invoices have also been sent 

Please ask within your company as some have matching gift programs for volunteer hours – which could potential double monies earned for Gillette.


  • New contract terms
    Contract has been signed and initial dates have been entered into sign up genius.  We will maintain our Tier 1 status which will be 14 volunteers with a custom event package.  We are able to have 4 students and they need to be 16.  At 18 – they are consider adults.
  • “Positions” we are looking for assistance with
    Stand Manager and Kitchen Manager are needed.  Having additional people trained in these positions will lessen the load for others.
  • Dates that are currently loaded into contract
    Events are in the sign up genius along with serv-safe and teams.  Sign up is also broken down by areas (kitchen, runner, cash register) in addition to the stand and kitchen manager slots.
  • Gillette meeting in May for ALL who will be volunteering
    There will be in a meeting in May that will be mandatory for anyone (new or old) volunteering at Gillette. 

Volunteers for competitions

  • 1st practice will be on 2/9 for ANYONE interested in helping throughout the season
  • You MUST attend the practice, this ensures everyone knows exactly what to do

There will be a mandatory rehearsal for parents wanting to volunteer for the percussion season on 2/9 – we will need no more than 6 volunteers for each show.

Rehearse-A-Thon will provide another opportunity for parents to practice moving equipment and props.  Date is 2/18 and the time to arrive will be 6:00pm.

Home Showcase

  • 3/12 from 4:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Minimal volunteers (ticket sales, chocolate/swag sales)
  • $5.00/person
  • Home Showcase is all set.  Will only need 2 or 3 additional volunteers.  Will arrive around 3 for set up.

Parent Night Out – 3/12

  • Jimmy’s Pub @ 6:00pm (after home showcase)
  • Open to all percussion and varsity guard and their family.  No RSVP – come for dinner, a drink or just to say hello.  This is a pay your own way event.


  • Chocolate – still some boxes left.  If interested please email president@mansfieldbandparents.org and let Jenn know.
  • Krispy Kreme
    • Selling 2/14 – 2/28
    • Pick up 3/9
    • $$ & Forms MUST be returned on 28th – late forms will not be accepted
    • All payments must be made in the form of check or cash and be accompanied by a completed order form.  Venmo payments without an order form will not be accepted

Scholarship Committee

  • Submissions due 4/15 – 4/20
  • Decision on winners due 5/5
  • We need a group of 5 non-senior folks to review the submissions.  In addition we will need a 6th person to redact the identifying information.  The committee will be responsible for presenting the awards at senior night.  Marybeth has the letter for the ceremony and will forward.

New Business:

  • Color Guard would like to get decals for their trailer which currently has a cost of $850.  Kate Rozelle feels she can create for less.  Jenn will reach out to Michael to obtain a file of the decals wanted to give to Kate for pricing.
    • Motion to spend UP TO $850 for decals for the color guard trailer
      • Christine Bellevance motions
      • Kate Rozelle 2nds
    • Motion passes unanimously
  • There have been some electronic issues with the color guard trailer.  A new battery was purchased and we will be told if there continues to be a problem.
  • District process to pay the show fees would take too long as it has to be put through a PO and then the approval process. Due to that, the shows fees would not be paid in time.  MBPA is asking for a motion to pay the show fees for the season in the amount of $1,585
    • Motion for the MBPA to pay the $1,585 for NESBA show fees
      • Chithra Baylis motions
      • John Mackin 2nds
    • Motion passes unanimously

Meeting adjourned at 7:06PM

Next Meeting:  Thurs. March  2 @ 6:00pm