Chaperoning Band trips and events is a great way to help out as a band parent, not only providing a level of safety and security for the kids, but also giving you the opportunity to work together with other band parents and get to know the larger music community.

IMPORTANT: In order to chaperone an event, whether day-trip such as the Big-E, overnight trip such as WGI World Championships, or casual assistance such as working pit crew for percussion or color guard, you must be CORI certified.  CORI certification is essentially a criminal background check that is performed prior to chaperone service as a precaution to safeguard our schoolchildren.  Learn more about CORI certification at (The mass resources link will open a new browser window that is not part of the Mansfield Band Parents website).

To get CORI certified:

1.  Click here to print out the CORI request form

2. Fill out as follows:

Top Section –

date: today’s date

school: Mansfield High School (or Qualters Middle School if volunteering there)

Position: Volunteer/Chaperone

Sign your name

Middle Section –

Fill in all requested information, please print.

Bottom Section –

Do not enter anything in the bottom section.

3. Submit for processing

Bring the completed CORI request form along with a clear photocopy of your drivers license or other government photo ID to the High School main office for processing.