Mansfield High School Marching Band

mhs-marching-2015After a 17 year departure from Marching Band Competition, MHS Marching Band performed in Festival Class NESBA Competition and took home a gold medal in the 2015 NESBA finals.

The Mansfield High School Marching Band under the direction of Matthew McGuire, plays field shows at Mansfield High School football home games and the annual Thanksgiving Day game as well as town parades such as the annual halloween and Holiday parades.  The Marching Band and Color Guard also march in the annual Massachusetts Day parade at the BIG E in Springfield, MA.  In the past, the Marching Band and Color Guard have also been invited to and performed in festivities at Disneyland. In 2015,

2015 Marching Band Photos can be viewed on Shutterfly here:

VIDEO: 2007 Marching Band and Color Guard perform at Disney  video

A 1970’s era MHS Marching Band decal

Interested in a little MHS music history?  Check out “Putting Mansfield on the march – The Clarissima story,” a heartwarming tale about the loss of the Mansfield High School fight song and its subsequent recovery and reintroduction 20 years later!