Gillette – how it works

You can make a huge contribution to the MBPA by helping to staff our concession stand at Gillette Stadium. Gillette has become the primary funding engine for the Band, Percussion, and Color Guard extra-curricula programs, accounting for over 75% of the funds MBPA raises annually. We count on our members to be there for Patriots games, Revolution games, Concerts, and other special events as scheduled. We love to see new faces and appreciate students, parents, family and friends that join us in this effort. Pats games are the craziest, concerts & Revs games much more relaxed. It’s a busy, but fun day that flies by!

MBPA Gillette volunteers recognized in the Mansfield News

For 2021, we anticipate staffing 15-20 events. Naturally, all COVID-related recommendations will be followed, which will mean restricted crowd sizes to start with, and fewer volunteers in the concession stand to accommodate greater social distancing. However we may have opportunities to staff an additional stand, and expect capacity will be increased as the year progresses. In previous years our contract guaranteed MBPA a minimum of $100 per volunteer per shift and for the last several years, the group has earned an average of about $125 per volunteer per shift across all events. Multiply that by 34+ events (in a more typical year) and 12+ volunteers per event, and you can appreciate why Gillette is such a critical fundraiser for our students’ programs.

Read on for more information about how events work, and how the funds raised benefit the programs and students, collectively and individually. If you still have questions, email Aaron Nicodemus directly or via the form at the bottom of this page.

Student Accounts and Gillette:

Your contribution of time is about much more than individual student credits – it’s about funding the program as a whole. Every band parent is automatically a voting member that is welcome to participate in the process by which MBPA allocates funds requested by the MHS music director. As a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization, the IRS places certain restrictions on booster clubs like MBPA relating to the allocation of funds to individual group members. So while a donation of your valuable time benefits all of our programs, we also like to recognize the donation of a volunteer’s time by saying “thank you”, and we do this by crediting a portion of the group’s earnings to individual student accounts.

Students and family members who work at Gillette Stadium receive a standard contribution of $25 per volunteer per event worked credited into the student’s account. So if a student and parent jointly work an event, $50 is credited to that student’s account ($25 X 2). This is one way for families to defray the cost of uniforms, equipment, and trips.

For the 2021 Gillette season, the MBPA will offer DOUBLE CREDITS – that’s $50!! – to all first-time volunteers. We are hoping to see lots of new faces this season!

Here’s how it will work: When a first-time volunteer arrives at Gillette, s/he will write their name on the MBPA sign in sheet. The first timer will assign the credits to a band/color guard/percussion student.

First time MBPA student volunteers should write their own name down. If a student recruits a first-time volunteer who is not a band/percussion/color guard student, the first-time volunteer should write down the name of the student who recruited them.

Volunteering at Gillette – How it works:

  • We use SignUp Genius for online registration for each event.
  • Download the Gillette app to your phone – you will need it to gain access to the venue. The app can be found here (iPhone) and here (Android).
  • We carpool from Mansfield High School about 3½ hours before the event begins. Those who are arriving from someplace other than Mansfield can meet us at the Stadium and late arrivals are usually just fine.
  • We check-in at the employee entrance and head to our booth – typically Backyard Barbeque 140.
  • We begin by doing a beginning inventory of all items such as cups, candy, hot dogs, etc.
  • We typically serve entrees that are pre-made by the central commissary, and perform our food “prep” like pre-wrapping sandwich buns, filling popcorn, and warming up our equipment.
  • We open the booth for business around the time the Gillette patron gates open, typically 1.5 to 2 hours before the event starts.
  • Typically there are three types of role to fill:
    • Register: waiting on customers.
    • Runner: getting the food.
    • Food prep: making the sandwiches. We sell BBQ sandwiches, ribs, candy, popcorn, soda, beer etc. It’s simple work.
  • At the conclusion of the event, we count our ending inventory, clean the concession stand, and reconcile our inventory and sales with Gillette management.
  • We’ve gotten very efficient at getting our volunteers out of the booth and headed home after each event – cleanup and inventory typically takes about 45 minutes and we send most volunteers home within an hour, with only the group lead and/or inventory manager sticking around a bit longer to tie out numbers with Gillette.

Dress code:

  • Gillette provides an apron, collared short sleeve shirt, and a visor.  
  • You must wear khaki pants or shorts and sneakers. Traditionally, you may wear a Pats or Revs jersey and your own Pats or Revs baseball style cap if you’d prefer that over the Gillette shirt and visor.
  • No jewelry on hands or wrists other than a wedding band. Watches must be removed during the event, but you may attach it to your belt or apron at your discretion.
  • You must wear plastic food service gloves that are provided.
  • Bring your ID but leave your backpacks and pocketbooks at home. Only Gillette approved “clear totes” or a clear 1 gallon plastic ziploc bag will be allowed in the stadium.
  • We always are in the booth together.

Ready?! sign up now! Not sure? Have questions?  Ask below: