Week at a Glance – 2/13

From Mr DeJoy:

Hello All,

I apologize once again for the tardiness of this email. I promise to get back on track next week! Below is the week at a glance (now in pdf format) and some important updates.

Color Guard
Congratulations to both our color guards this past weekend! Each earned first place in their division with some terrific performances. The varsity guard now goes off to the Salem WGI regional this weekend. Wish them luck!

Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme packets for Winter Guard and Percussion have been distributed. Please ask your student for it so that you can read through all the information.

Here are some specifics:
-Sales will run from 2/14 – 2/28
-You can make additional copies of the order form if needed
-All order forms & money (cash or checks made out to MBPA) MUST be turned in on the 28th. If you are unable to have it on the 28th please send an email to secretary to make other arrangements. Orders will NOT be accepted after the 28th unless we hear from you.
-MBPA cannot accept venmo payments for orders. You are welcome to have venmo payments sent to you, but all orders on your form must match the amount turned in.

Schedule Update
We will NOT be participating in the Cranston NESBA show on March 11th.

Percussion Rehearseaton
We have a percussion rehearsal from 9:30am-9:00pm this Saturday we like to call reherseaton. This rehearsal is used to finish up the show and clean it up for our WGI show next weekend. It is a long day for the students and we need your help keeping them fed and hydrated. If you are interested in helping out, please CLICK HERE. Thank you to everyone that has already signed up.

If you wish to volunteer to help the percussion ensemble at shows we have another training this Saturday at 8:00pm during rehearseathon. If you were unable to attend last week please come to this rehearsal. If you are assisting us in Trumbull or Dayton it is especially important for you to attend.

At the conclusion of rehearsal we will have a free performance for friends and family at 8:45pm. You are welcome to attend and see all their hard work. Please do not arrive earlier than 8:30pm unless you are volunteering in some way. Thank you!

Uniform Collection
Thursday, February 16 at 5:30pm we will have another uniform drop off at the high school. At this point we are looking for ALL band and fall color guard uniforms to be returned. Uniforms should be washed in cold water, inside out and hung to dry.

SENIORS: Garment bag, dinkles, gloves, and shoe bag are yours to keep. Please ONLY return your full uniform, including shako in it’s box.

JUNIORS, SOPHOMORES, FRESHMAN: Please return your full uniform, IN THE GARMENT BAG, and your shako in its box. Please keep your dinkles, gloves, and shoe bag at home.

8th Grade Band Info Night
On Thursday evening at 6:30pm I will be hosting a meeting for 8th grade band parents and students in the MHS auditorium to inform them of how band works at the high school. If you have any parents of 8th grade band students make sure to tell them to come by!


We are looking for one more parent volunteer to either ride the bus with us to Trumbull CT or meet us there and help us with getting on and off the floor much like any other local competition. interested in helping out please email me and I can give you more information. Thank you!

We are still looking for one parent chaperone for Dayton. As a reminder all chaperones have their travel and hotel costs covered. We are looking for a female chaperone if possible. If you are interested please email me.

If you plan to go to Dayton but are not chapperoning you can book hotels in the area through WGI at a discounted rate using this link.

Have a great week!
-Justin DeJoy

Week At a Glance – 2_13_23.pdf