January 2023 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

MBPA Monthly Meeting

January 5, 2023 @ 6:00pm

  1. Directors Report
  • Winter concert went well.  It was great to see everyone.  Students truly enjoyed performing for everyone.
  • Permission forms will be coming home tonight with the students.  Please ask for them and return as soon as possible.
  • MICCA is at the end of March and MHS will be attending.  That field trip form will be sent out later.
  • Home Show Update / Mansfield Showcase
    • Unfortunately, due to low participation, we will need to cancel the home show.
    • Instead Mansfield will put on a showcase, on that same day, of MHS & QMS percussion and Varsity & mini color guard.  The community, family, and friends are welcome and encouraged to come.
    • We will charge a small fee to tickets to recoup costs for custodians, food, and police detail.
    • We will instead attend a competition on that Saturday
    • Floors for percussion & color guard have been delivered
    1. Treasurer Report
    • Hilliards credits will be applied to student accounts – hopefully over the weekend
    • Christmas Eve Gillette credits will also be applied soon
    • Christmas eve game commission will be lower than usual.  Due to the weather there was frozen registers & beer lines so unable to serve the usual number of people.
      • including fiscal year update
        • Fiscal year application has been approved.  Our new fiscal year will be August 1st through July 31st
      • Speaker carts delivered
    1. Fundraising:
    • Chocolate wrap up
      • Monday for Hilliards was collected tonight
      • Everyone is still able to continue to sell – just email Jenn W with how many additional boxes you want
    • Krispy Kreme
      • Selling 2/14 – 2/28
      • Original Glazed Only
      • $$ & Forms MUST be returned on 28th – late forms will not be accepted
      • All payments must be made in the form of check or cash and be accompanied by a completed order form
      • Venmo payments without an order form will not be accepted
      • Delivery March 9th
    1. Banquet
    • Believe we’ve heard from everyone.  Unfortunately we are unable to accept any more RSVP.  We have 80 students and 121 guests.
    • Uniform Collection
      • We will start collecting marching and color guard uniforms for senior and juniors.  By doing this, we hope to get a greater return and not have to be looking for uniforms during band camp.
      1. Grant Update – $7,106.45
      • Received word from the Town of Mansfield for an approved grant in the amount of $7,106.45.  Thought it would be maybe a few thousand but we were very happy with the amount.  Huge thank you to Craig for filling out all the paperwork necessary to apply for the grant.  Mr. DeJoy will think about where the money would be needed the most.
      1. Rehearse-A-Thon – February 18th
      • Rehears-A-Thon is an all day rehearsal with a sneak peak of the show at the end of the day.  Guard will be holding their own on a different day.  We will be serving lunch & dinner to the students.  A sign-up genius will be created and sent out for donation of food and help with set up and clean up.

      Next Meeting:  Thurs. February 2 @ 6:00pm