December 2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

MBPA Monthly Meeting

December 6, 2022 @ 6:00pm

In Attendance:  Gary Troilo, Chrissy Petrucci, MaryBeth Kennedy, Shannon Carneiro, Amy Pierce, Kevin Silter, Kristen Castillo, Chithra Baylis, Mary Baylis, Kim O’Neill, Matt O’Neill, Margarita Silva, Amy Mackin, John Mackin, Christine Bellavance, Donna Connolly, Jason Wagner, Kirsten Murawski, Brian Roche, Kerrie Schlager, Susan Graf

Meeting called to order @ 6:03pm

  1. Director’s Report – Mr. DeJoy
    • Winter Concert – December 15th
      • Concert is on 12/15.  Students should arrive at 6:00pm in concert black.  There is a dress rehearsal on 12/9 from 6-8
  1. Treasurer Report – Ted
    • The fall season was $1,317.90 over budget and was paid for by MBPA
    • Speaker carts are still not in
    • District has decided to fund the show fees for the season.  Chithra motioned to move the $850 (7 shows @ $75 = $525 and 1 @ $325) into the overall Dayton budget to off-set the costs for students.  Shannon C 2nd and motion passed unanimously.
  1. Fundraising
    1. Hilliards (winter season)
      • Still waiting for the chocolate from Hilliards.  We are next in line.  As soon as we get them they will be passed out.  Each bar is $2.00 and $.75 goes towards the students account.
    2. Krispy Kreme (winter season)
      • Agreed that the pick up date will be Thursday 3/9 to allow folks to bring in donuts to places of work on Friday.
      • Order forms, instructions, and envelopes will be passed out to students on 2/14 with a return date of 2/28.  Final count to be given to KK on 3/3.
      • Pam will pick up donuts for 10:00am on 3/9, pick up will be in the school parking lot from 2-5.
  1. Winter Season
    1. Home Show / Committees
      • Meeting on January 5th will focus on Home Show Committees
      • There is currently a low number of bands signed up for our show.  Mr. DeJoy has reached out through his connections to try and gain some traction.  There is a NESBA meeting in early Jan that Mr. DeJoy will be attending and will hopefully be able to get other bands to agree to come.
    2. Dayton – Mr. DeJoy
      • Costs have been updated with more accurate numbers.  Hotel, uniform and shoes are all lower than originally stated.  Cost per student has gone from $1,550 to $1,180.  The MBPA will contribute $12,850.
      • School committee still need to provide final approval 
      • Hotel & bus are confirmed
      • Can use 1 or 2 more chaperones
    1. Banquet
      • Banquet will be held on Jan 8th from 5-10 (might not stay the whole time but that is the block of time we have available to us) at the enVision Hotel in Mansfield.  Cost is $25/person for guests.  Students are paid for by MBPA.
        • Banners
          • We have everyones picture.  BIg thank you to Chris Jones for his help in getting all the photos taken.  Banners will be ordered and will arrive in time to display at the banquet.
        • Set Up Help
          • We will need some help setting up and are able to gain access to the room starting at 3:30pm.
          • Margarita Silva has graciously offered to donate her balloon designed to decorate the photo op space.  She will come around 3:30 to start setting up.
          • Kim O’Neill will look to see if there are photo booth props from past years.
        • Uniform Drop Off
          • We will start uniform drop off with the Seniors and Juniors for both band and colorguard at the banquet.  
        1. Apparel Store
          • Percussion Jackets
            • Store should be ready to open within the next week.  Will include percussion & color guard jackets as well as apparel for parents.
            • Items should be in sometime after the 1st of the year.
          • Polo Shirts – Memorial Day Parade
            • Still waiting for polo shirt design and will not be included in this store.

        Fat Heads for Seniors should be ordered by parents for percussion students.  Should use high-res photos like the ones taken by Chris Jones.  A how-to will go out in the next update.

          Parents Night Out

          • Night will be more of a meet & greet and not as a fundraiser.  Looking to hold in late Feb / early March.  Gary Troilo offered to help in putting it together.

          Next Meeting:  Thurs. February 2nd @ 6:00pm