October 2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

MBPA Monthly Meeting

 October 6, 2022 @ 6:00pm

Attendees:  Ted Ten Eyck, Sue Roux, Frani, Spivak, Jenn Walsh, Kevin Sitler, Brian Roche, Kristen Castillo, Sara Tomase, Jenn Katon, Jenn Fleischmann, Chrissy Petrucci, Shannon Carneiro, Rebecca Klouda, MaryBeth Kennedy, Kim O’Neill, Matt O’Neill, Margarita Silva, Amy Pierce, Chithra Baylis, Kerrie Schlager, Jen Winrow, Tom Winrow, Amy Genovese, Amy Mackin, John Mackin, Mae Dulig

MetLife – Mr DeJoy

MetLife hasn’t been able to happen for the past 2 years.

Packets went home with students and via email.  Hoping to use Google Classroom going forward to ensure everyone gets emails.  Pls let Mr DeJoy if you don’t have access to Google Classroom.

Nov 4 – Nov 6 is the trip.  Taking the bus and leaving after school on the 4th.  Returning home late on the 6th.

Room assignments will be chosen next week.

Currently have 5 chaperones – looking for 1 more.  Chaperones will be with the band the whole time.  Traveling, performances, Stardust and NYC.

Approx cost is $380 and will be broken into 2 payments.

Treasurer Report – Ted  

  1. Invoicing / Quickbooks

First payment invoices have gone out through QB and 2nd payment will be due right before the trip.  Please reach out to Mr. DeJoy if you need any financial assistance.  All credits will be applied.  Payments can be made via cash or check.

  1. Equipment / Instrument updates

Floor, Vibe, Rack all have come in.

Still waiting for the speaker carts – now estimated to be coming in 1st week of Nov

  1. Vote on changing our Articles of Amendment with the State for tax filing purposes

IRS has our fiscal year 8/1 – 7/31 but the state has it from 7/1 – 6/30.  We will need to fix it going forward.  It was discovered during the e-filing of our taxes.  It is easier to fix the State than the IRS.  Looking for a motion to approving changing the State Fiscal Year for the MBPA

Motioned – Chithra / 2nd Christine

Vote passes unanimously


  1. Gillette Update – Tom/Christine

Have been able to fill all spots on 10/9 but still need a bit of help for 10/24, 11/6, and 12/1.  Please be advised that Gillette is now checking all ID’s at check in.

Looking at how to get information out to a wider audience.

It was asked if we could use an outside group as fill-ins (perhaps another group looking to see what Gillette is all about).  Another group is welcome to come and work with us but the MBPA will not be cutting a check for another group.

  1. Calendar – Sue

Thank you to everyone that helped get the prizes for the calendar.  They will be sold between 10/6 and 10/25 and are $10 each.  Please make sure you collect stubs.  Cash & checks accepted.  And donations in place of calendar purchases are appreciated.  Winners will be announced and posted around once a week.  Winners will be posted on FB and on Website.

  1. Webstore / Magnets / Lanyards – Jenn

Should have webstore up within the next week.  Magnets & Lanyards we should have in the next 2 weeks.

  1. Adult Only Gathering – Jenn

We know there is some interest in an adult only event.  We will be looking for thoughts and will discuss further at another meeting.


We will be holding a MB banquet separate from the Percussion banquet.  MB will be held at the end of the season, perhaps after the 1st of the year.  Anyone interested in helping please stay tuned.

Grant Coordinator – Craig Kennedy

Craig has submitted an $8,000 grant.  Currently with the town for review.

We will be getting an email address for Craig.

Looking Forward

Web Master


Buttons – Frani

Last call for buttons.  So glad that everyone liked them

Outstanding Uniforms – Frani

Still working on getting final uniform pieces.