September 2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

MBPA Monthly Meeting

 Sept 8, 2022 @ 6:00pm

Attendees: Ted Ten Eyck, Sue Roux, Frani Spivak, Jenn Walsh, Shannon Carneiro, Margarita Cordero Silva, Christine Bellavance, Laura Donovan, Donna Connolly, Rachel Colchamiro, Jennifer Fleischmann, Kevin Sitler, Pam Ten Tyck, Chithra Baylis, Mark Baylis, Guy Tomase, Kirsten Murawski, Stephen Murawski, Tom Winrow, Jen Winrow, Amy Genovese, Siobhan McDonald, John Kowal, David Baldini, Kerrie Schlager, Amy Pierce, Kim O’Neill, MaryBeth Kennedy, Christine Petrucci, Matt O’Neill

Introductions – Jenn

Formally want to thank the outgoing board (Pam, Deb, Michelle, and Kim) for all they did over the past 3 years.

Shoutout to Marybeth, Kerry and Jen Winrow for assisting with the uniform fittings and photo taking for MB buttons.

As always – thank you to our Gillette coordinators

Director’s Updates – Mr. DeJoy

Mr. DeJoy has been out with Covid but otherwise everything is moving forward.  Finalizing field trip information so that the permission slip includes all trips and just needs one signature.  Students have 3rd movement and 4th movement should be with them soon.

1st football game is tomorrow 9/9 and students should wear Mansfield gear.  Prize for student who dresses up the most.

Gong stand has broken.  Hope is that Rich will be able to weld it together to help get through season.  A new stand will be purchased and Mr. DeJoy will look into getting one that is more user friendly when carting on and off field.

Treasurer Report – Ted

Vote of budget

Vote to approve $1,500 to defray cost of Big E

Vote to approve $4,500 towards MetLife and $1,100 for the MetLife registration fees

Pam Ten Eyck motioned to approve the budget as presented, including the $1,500 money towards Big E and $5,600 (Metlife registration and supplemental to defray costs).  Tom Winrow 2nd.  Vote was unanimous and approved.

Update – 2 new speaker carts are still waiting to arrive.  Latest update is an October arrival.


  1. Gillette Update – Tom/Christine

Tom & Christine presented our fundraising efforts with Gillette.  Explained to all that Gillette is whatL enables us to provide the students with the bells & whistles for the program.

We will need to take a look at the sustainability of Gillette going forward.  Difficult to run the current stand and current event load with minimal volunteers.

Help is needed on the coordination team as well.  Would love to have 1 or 2 more kitchen managers to run events.

We have 9 more events scheduled which should bring in about $35,000 as well as country feast which would increase the $35,000 to $60,000.

Still currently in Pizza stand – not sure of ability to get back into BBQ 140.  We are remaining optimistic as BBQ 140 gives us the ability to have a higher number of volunteers.

We have had 45 new volunteers this year

Gillette is strictly enforcing uniform code

If we do choose to change tiers it reduces the amount of stipend we get.  Currently we get 16% above – lower tier = lower percentage

  1. Calendar – Sue

Looking at getting a prize for each day of November to be complete by October 1st.  Calendars would be sold through October and prizes will start being picked on November 1st.

Asking for one or two folks to assist with obtaining prizes from businesses. – Please see Sue after meeting.

Looking Forward

Web Master

Grant Coordinator – Craig Kennedy has graciously agreed to be our Grand Coordinator



Our MB band buttons we passed out and well received.  A google form will be created should folks want additional buttons.  Buttons will be sold at a cost of $6/button.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:46pm