November 2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

MBPA Monthly Meeting

 November 1, 2022 @ 6:00pm

Attendees:  Ted Ten Eyck, Sue Roux, Frani, Spivak, Shannon Carneiro, Rachel Colchamiro, MaryBeth Kennedy, Matthew Fleischmann, Chithra Baylis, Kerrie Schlager, Kirsten Murawski, Pam Reith Kristen Castillo, Mae Dulig, Siobahn McDonald, David Baldini, Laura Donovan, Amy Pierce, Kevin Sitler, Kim O’Neill, Matt O’Neill, Gary Troilo, Chrissy Petrucci, Jen Winrow, Sara Tomase, Susan Graf

Welcome – we ask that everyone sign in.  Thank you for coming

Treasurer Report – Ted

Going forward there will be financial printouts for all.  

We are waiting on money from Gillette which will bring us to approx. $61,000.

Very grateful for the timely MetLife payments – it certainly helps us to pay what invoices we have.

There was an error on the newsletter last month in what was written for what MBPA will be contributing towards MetLife.  The correct numbers are $1,100 registration fees, $4,500 to help defray costs and this is in addition to the $1,500 for Big E.

Speaker carts are still not in – looking at sometime in the next month

The paperwork to change our Fiscal Year with the State has been submitted

Fundraising – Sue

  1. Calendar

Calendar was very successful.  We currently have raised approx. $5,500 and are still tallying last minute purchases.  Big Thank You to all who helped secure the prizes and to Sue for all her work putting it together.  Will be posting winners on FB and on the website.

  1. Webstore / Magnets / Lanyards / Stickers – Jenn

Webstore is open and all orders are due by Nov. 4th.  Store is through Ink’d.

We will be continuing to sell the swag.  We will be looking to sell at HS conferences, QMS conferences, as well as concerts at both schools.

MetLife – Mr. DeJoy

Our performance time is currently at 1:10pm and we are first in our division – which is Division III Open

Payments include breakfast and lunches.  Students should have money for dinners

Mr. DeJoy has discounted tickets ($32 instead of $39) and he has about 100

Bus will be leaving directly from school.  Students should bring luggage either Thursday at practice or Friday to school.  They will not have time to go home between the end of school and when the bus leaves.

Students are able to leave their cars at school over the weekend

Chaperones will have passes to get both on the field as well as into the stands after our performance.  If there are people who would like to help with field equipment, there are passes for field access only.  They would still need to purchase tickets for the stands after the performance.

Winter Season

Home Show / Committees

Home show is confirmed for SUNDAY, March 12th and will include color guard

During our next meeting we will be asking for committees

Food, tickets, crowd control, parking, etc


Banquet will be held offsite on January 8th at 5:00pm

Still working to secure a venue

Senior pictures will be taken at the Veterans Day parade to be used to create banners that will be displayed at banquet and at last concert in the spring.  Band members will be in uniform and color guard will wear black jackets.

Other information:

Polo shirts are confirmed for the Memorial Day parade

Kevin Sitler suggested putting field lights on our budget wishlist / Mr. DeJoy has already started looking into a portable field system for next year.

Next Meeting:  Thurs. December 1st @ 6:00pm

Meeting will be moved to December 6th.