April 2022 Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Band Parents Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, April 6, 2022

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Rachel Colchamiro, Amy Pierce, Aaron Nicodemus, Christine Bellevance, Frani Spivak, Mark Baylis, Ted Ten Eyck, Matt O’Neill, Shannon Carneiro, Sue Roux, Christine Petrucci, Chithra Baylis, Marybeth Kennedy, Pam Ten Eyck,  Michelle Fine, Deborah Stratton, Tim Ketterer (virtual)

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM 

Director Update – Tim Ketterer – On Zoom

  • Would like to request $1200 stipend from the MBPA  for staff who wrote extra choreography and for Laurie Pepicelli for stepping in and going above and beyond for winter percussion and attending the new jersey trip
    • MOTION to approve $1200 for stipend. 
      • Motion by Frani Spivak, second by Christine Bellevance
      • All agree, no oppose.  MOTION PASSES 
  • Congratulations to the Color Guard Mini team who had a phenomenal showing at their competition this past weekend.  They did Mansfield  proud.  
  • Banquet will be Friday, May 27th.  The Friday night of Memorial Day weekend.There will be a parade on Memorial Day.  We usually have the banquet that day, but not this year as graduation is the next day.  

Treasurer Report – Michelle Fine

  • Getting ready to close out the year
    • Checking $21,000
    • Financial aid $10,000
    • Money Market $17,600
      • Gillette bonus went into this account.  
    • Student credits $3812
    • Total in bank accounts $53,000 
  • Equip and Apparel brought in $2000 in payments
  • Have paid for Trumbull in total
  • Brought in $8952 in student payments for Power Regionals
  • Marching band and Trumbull have been closed out.  Have a few color guard families who need to pay and a couple of payments still due for Power Regionals.  
  • Krispie Kreme brought in $2776 in credits for a total of 
  • Friends and Family raised $2340 for students
  • A lot of money which has been raised has been applied back to trip and apparel.   
  • Michelle will be sending out invoices to families of seniors to let them know what is in account in terms of money or credits and what can be done with this
  • $360 dollars spent on volunteer tickets and $78 on staff lunch while in New Jersey
  • Frani Spivak – Will there be a tuba in the budget for the next marching band season? Answer, yes we anticipate this.  We also anticipate needing to purchase a vibe.  
    • Tim has already ordered one tuba through the school budget and will order a second.  
  • Reinstating corporation with Secretary of State.  We have not been incorporated since the 2007 Board, but subsequent Boards have been unaware of this.   Was suspended in 2007 and revoked in 2012.  The Secretary of State office had 10 different addresses on file for the MBPA.  Have filed reports back to 2012 and now need to reinstate corporation in the state of Massachusetts.  Will cost $15 a year.  Currently it will cost $150 to file back reports, $35 for reinstatements and $10 to state who is on Board.  
    • MOTION to have the MBPA corporation reinstated with the secretary of state of ma 
    • Motion by Frani Spivak, Second by Christine Bellevance
    • All in favor, none oppose MOTION PASSES
  • This needs to be done with every incoming Board.

Vice President Report – Deborah Stratton

  • Role of VP in MBPA: 
    • Oversees and coordinates fundraising.  Board works together in all events and fundraisers, but VP is generally the contact person.
    • If President is not available for a meeting the VP runs the meeting  

President Report – Pam Ten Eyck

  • Banquet will be combined Marching Band, Percussion, Winter Guard.  This is 79 kids and with family members and staff put totals at approx 250 people.  We are currently looking at venues.  
    • Having a hard time finding space big enough.  Propose having in cafeteria and having catered with decorations and such. 
    • MBPA covers students, staff and venue.
    • How much are we willing to spend as the MBPA towards the banquet? 
    • MOTION by Frani Spivak to spend a budget of up to $3000 for the banquet.  Second by Tom Winrow
      • All approve, no oppose MOTION PASSES    

Gillette Update – Aaron Nicodemus and Christine Bellevance

  • New Events : Dead and Company and second Elton John concert.  
  • Patriots will be 11 events when the schedule comes out
  • We are currently committed to at least 15 events and then the Patriots games. 
  • Gillette Committee met to discuss ways to get more volunteers.  
    • Would like to propose that the majority of events become double credit events as a thank you for volunteering.  In addition, would like to offer bonuses for attending more events.  
      • Group Discussion regarding proposal and how it would affect the programs finances and fundraising.  
        • Do double credits really work? 
        • This is a significant amount of money being pulled out of the program
        • What happens if we set a stipend to $50 and they still aren’t filled?     
        • Will this help to get events staffed sooner?
        • Are there other ways to incentivise volunteers?
        • Gillette Committee feels that we are at a critical point in relation to if we are going to be able to keep Gillette, which would be a huge blow to the program.
        • Discussion and vote to be tabled until next MBPA meeting, but will approve double credits for all events until next MBPA meeting.    

Meeting adjourned at 8 16 PM 

Next Meeting Wednesday April 4, 2022 at 7:00PM