May 2022 Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Band Parents Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, May 11, 2022

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Kim O’Neill, Pam Ten Eyck, Ted Ten Eyck, T. Hunt, M. Hunt, Shannon Carneiro, Frani Spivak, Susan Graf, Beth Crooker, Kerrie Schlager, Jason Lavoie, Kevin Sitler, Deborah Stratton, Tom Winrow, Jenn Walsh, Sue Roux, Christine Bellevance, MaryBeth Kennedy, Christine Petrucci, John Mackin, Matt O’Neill, Katherine Chalonpka, Jennifer Mulcahy, Laura Donovan, Mark Baylis, Chithra Baylis, Tim Ketterer, Sheila Newton 

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM 

Treasurer Report – Michelle Fine

  • This months report is basically a wrap up for the year with a few more tweaks which need to be done.   
  • Currently a little over $15,000 in checking, $9,000 in  Financial Aid, $17,000 in  Money Market and $4415 student credits for a total of approx $46,500 in bank accounts. 
  • Some of the fundraising numbers skewed for Gillette as we moved money into another account for student credits. 
  • Marching Band for the most part stayed in the budget, but did go over by $4204.  Went slightly over with speaker carts which were slightly more expensive as budgeted for as prices have increased.  We were over approx $800 in equip. As well as approx $1000 dollars for apparel which was ordered in bulk and is stored upstairs in uniform room for next year as needed in addition to $2000 for cookout and senior gifts which was not budgeted for.
  • Speaker carts will be in August/Sept
  • Color Guard  programs stayed on budget, and actually $632 under budget.  Color guard will have more significant needs next year. 
  • Percussion went over by almost $5000 due to the unexpected Power Regionals.  Of this $5000, $1100 was gas, truck, tolls. No one anticipated the gas increases that we are seeing.  $690 went to financial aid  and $1150 credits in student accounts which  were donated by families still needs to be moved from Quick Books to the Power Regional account.
  • Current outstanding invoices of $1239 of which Color Guard is $ 536  and Percussion $702
  • Will send follow up invoices to those who owe money
  • Pam Ten Eyck:  Unbeknownst to the current Board. the MBPA tax exempt status was lost between Boards.  We realized this as we were trying to register the Color Guard trailer to the MBPA from the previous individual who held the registration.  In doing so, we found all sorts of issues back to 2007 which are significant and causing issues now.  The MBPA has been consuling non profit attorney and accountant.  
    • There are Issue with taxes. All taxes have been filed, but the issue is with the way it was filed.  Issues have been passed down board to board without anyone knowing as all MBPA members are volunteers.  It is important that we obtain the correct professionals to guide us through this as it is Important to keep program within federal and state laws for non profits.  
    • There is value in having a long term arrourney to guide the program as needed.  Would like to  add a budget line in the next budget to allow for the MBPA to consult with a non profit accountant and attorney as needed.  .  Vote today to agree for us to be able to coordinate with those people.  We have a free consultation appointment set with an attorney for May 27th.  We anticipate accountant will cost approx $300-400 
    • MOTION to allow the MBPA Board to contract and communicate with a non profit tax attorney and accountant on behalf of the MBPA  C
      • Motion by Christine Bellevance and second by Frani Spivak
      • All in favor except one oppose.  MOTION PASSES

Gillette Update – Christine Bellevance

  • Contact Christine Bellevance or Tom Winrow for all Gillette related questions or concerns moving forward
  • Table conversion on increased stipend until after we meet with the attorney in an attempt to get more clarity.
  • Next big event is Garth Brooks a week from Saturday and we need more volunteers.  Gillette is expecting over 70,000 fans.  We must have fully staffed booth for safety at this event with so many fans.  We currently have 11, need 6-7 more
  • Will continue to inform and educate 8th grade families about the benefits of gillette for theri incoming high school students
  • Mrs. Pepicilli will be sending an informational email out to 8th grade families about the program.  
  • Christine can be flexible with start times to accommodate for work schedules.
  • We are light on ServSafe volunteers.  We do not have enough trained.  At least one person per event is required to be ServSafe trained. 
    • Please consider signing up.  Upcoming trainings are June 11th and Julu 9th both from 9am-6pm at Gillette.  You will receive a student credit as well as breakfast and lunch.
    • Certification is valid for 5 years
  • We still need a kitchen manager for Garth Brooks concert
  • Continue to need additional volunteers for kitchen and stand managers for several upcoming events.    
  • Patriots schedule to be released tomorrow 

President Report – Pam Ten Eyck 

  • Board Elections
    • Candidates
      • President – Jenn Walsh
      • Vice President – Sue Roux
      • Treasurer – Ted TenEyck
      • Secretary – Frani Spivak
        • No additional applicants at this meeting
    • Vote is a verbal slate. 
    • MOTION  to approve the current slate of candidates to become the MBPA Board effective July 1, 2022
      • Marybeth Kennedy motions. Christine Bellevance seconds the motion
      • All in Favor, No oppose.  MOTION PASSES
  • The new Board will need to decide if they will participate in Family Fun Night on July 15th.   

New Business/Concerns – Pam TenEyck

  • Mark Baylis – Thank you to the old Board and good luck to the new.  Mark will discuss with incoming Board staying on as Web Master
  • Discussion regarding color guard director/staffing

Meeting adjourned at 7:12  PM 

Next Meeting Wednesday June 1,  2022 at 7:00PM