March 2022 Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Band Parents Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, March 9, 2022

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Rachel Colchamiro, Amy Pierce, Aaron Nicodemus, Christine Bellevance, Frani Spivak, Mark Baylis, Ted Ten Eyck, Matt O’Neill, Marybeth Kennedy, Pam Ten Eyck,  Michelle Fine, Deborah Stratton, Tim Ketterer (virtual), Laurie Pepicilli (virtual)

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM 

Director Update – Tim Ketterer – On Zoom

  • Winter Percussion:  Floor came in today
  • Paternity Leave:  Mr. Conti will be covering day classes.  Ms. Pep is covering the Dartmouth show and WGI regionals.  Staff will be covering rehearsals during the week .  Leave will start on March 19th unless the baby arrives sooner. 
  • All Bands concert will be April 13th at 6:30PM.  QMS Percussion will perform and MHS Percussion will march their show.  Show will be held in the MHS gym.  
  • Tried to give the Winter Guard the opportunity to go on a trip to their regionals which was being held in PA, but there was a long wait list and sign ups were closed to the wait list.  Advocated for it, but by the time covid regulations let up it was too late to get a spot.

Treasurer Report – Michelle Fine

  • With the exception of the upcoming New Jersey trip, most of the winter season for both percussion and guard have been paid for.
  • Have been receiving payments from families for invoiced equip and apparel
    • Have approx $2000 still outstanding.  
    • Michelle will be following up with those who still have outstanding balances
  • Received $10,000 Gillette check for final two events. 
    • We received double credits for the Pats vs Bills game held the day after Christmas. This gives us approx  $2150.64 extra.  
      • Should this money  be put towards financial aid or towards the general program fund? 
        • We have a lot of money in financial aid right now.  
        • Have a $3500 bonus coming for staffing all Gillette events.
        • Mr. Ketterer reports that we will need a new vibe and marimba at some point.  
        • Color guard will likely need a new floor next year, but will be part of the budget next year.  Percussion would like to be able to reuse this year’s floor again.  
          • MOTION: Put this “extra” money into the rainy day fund –  All in favor. No oppose. Motion passes
    • Currently have $12,712 in financial aid.  Approx $2000 of this will be allocated for use this week. 
    • Currently have $12,000 in Money Market account
    • We can easily move money between accounts.  
  • Next month will have a lot to discuss in terms of finances. This month is really a wrap up from last month
  • Will be over budget for what we anticipated for gas.  At beginning of winter season Diesel was $2.46 now $5.10
  • Final invoices for New Jersey  trip will be sent out around the 15th of March
    • Please notify Mr. Ketterer or Michelle if there are any issues paying before the trip.  If there is no financial issue we expect that the trip will be paid in full before we leave..  
  • A few families have reached out about financial aid.  Please reach out if assistance is needed.   

Gillette Update – Aaron Nicodemus and Christine Bellevance

  • Contract for next year is signed
    • Will be posting events soon
  • We still need people to be  servsafe and teams certified 
  • Since signing the contract, Monster Jam has been added for June 4th and The Weekend concert has been added for July 21st.  This would be the first of 2 Thursday concerts in a row with Elton John being the following Thursday the 28th.  
    • Do we want to add these events to our schedule? 
    • Will we have someone to run the booth?
    • Don’t anticipate having difficulty staffing these added events, but will need someone to run the booth
    • Aaron will be training Tom Winrow as booth supervisor at an event on April 16th.  Tom will check his calendar to see if he is available for these newly added events. 
    • DECISION – we will add these additional events to the schedule. 
  • We need to staff the booth with 15 people for a concert and 18 for a Patriots game.  Currently we can have 4 students who are 16/17.  Anyone 18 or over, even if still in school, is considered an adult volunteer.  Gillette is being very strict and clear on ages.  No one under 16 will be allowed to work in the booth.
  • We usually give a Revs game to the All Night Party planning committee to raise money for their event. There will be no All Night Party this year, but instead a Senior Picnic.  This group has agreed to cover a Revs game. 
  • Ms. Pep suggests marketing some of these events towards QMS band parents to increase involvement.  Michelle to send Ms. Pep a schedule of Gillette events. 

Secretary Report – Pam Ten Eyck for Kim O’Neill who is not available

  • Scholarship Committee
    • Need one more sophomore or freshman parent to sit on selection committee and one parent of any grade level to redact and copy applications for selection committee
      • Aaron Nicodemus volunteered for the selection committee and Rachel Colchamiro volunteered to complete redacting.  
  • Board Positions
    • Still in need of applicants for Board positions for next year. 
    • Send email to Pam at if interested.  
    • All nominations should be made by April 27th and elections will take place at the May MBPA meeting.  
    • New Board takes effect on July 1st.  Will spend time from May-July training and coordinating with the new Board prior to this so all are up and running for next year.  
  • Banquet 
    • Banquet will be for all Marching Band. Percussion and Guard students and their families.  
    • Would like to hold at an off site location.  
      • Need to confirm a venue, date and time. 
      • Hope to have info ready to present for the April MBPA meeting. 

Vice President/Fundraising Report – Deb Stratton 

  • Krispie Kreme fundraiser continues. 
    • All order forms and payments are due NO LATER THAN THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY ON MARCH 15TH.  
    • Due to the quick turnaround times in ordering the donuts for delivery, no late order forms can or will be accepted.  No exceptions.   
    • Students will profit $4.50 dollars per box the sell
  • Friends and family can donate at any point during the year and all of these donations will go directly into a students account
  • Please direct any questions about sponsorships to Deborah Stratton at 
  • We continue to consider planning a spring social event which would be open to all incoming QMS band students and their families. Open to all ideas.  


New Business/Concerns – Pam TenEyck

  • We unexpectedly needed to get a hotel for Trumbull to make sure the truck and equipment got to Trumbull on time with the weather.  It was a last minute decision
    • The payment of $380 for the hotel is currently on a MBPA member’s private credit card. 
      • We would like to request that the MBPA reimburse that family for this expense.  
        • MOTION to reimburse $380 spent on hotel to MBPA member -all in favor, no oppose – motion passes
  • Have been discussing printing of program books with other performing arts groups. Do we want to/is it worth it to have these program books printed for the spring concert? 
    • Very tight on time to get set up and printed
    • We made it very clear to corporate sponsors that if the Home Show was affected by COVID that there would be no refunds of corporate sponsorships and all agreed. 
      • Have not made much on corporate sponsorships this year.  Have only brought in about $3000 and $1000 of that is from our band who wants the money earmarked for financial aid.  
      • Any corporate sponsorship payments received this year can be put in next year’s Home Show ad book.
      • If an official  letter for corporate donations is needed, please see a Board member who can provide and sign.
      • Will further consider a pared down program for spring concert. 
  • Training for parents on and off the floor for the New Jersey trip will happen Tuesday the 22nd and Thursday the 24th. 
    • Mr Ketterer is collecting a list of all parents who will be helping on the trip. He needs this list to make sure all volunteers have a CORI form on file before the trip.
    • Specific jobs related to on and off the floor will be assigned at these rehearsals.  You must attend if you are planning on helping at the competition in NJ.
  • Reminder for senior parents to order Fatheads to support and celebrate their seniors at upcoming events.  Is not mandatory, completely optional, but fun. 
    • Will send email reminder to senior parents
  • Color Guard Minis are having a great year and have consistently placed first or second at every competition this season.  

Meeting adjourned at 7 56 PM 

Next Meeting Wednesday April 6  2, 2022 at 7:00PM