MAY 2012 MBPA Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Peter Conti, Laura Dunn, Arnie Harchik, Paul Leuchte, Jen Hume, Denise St. Jean, Michaela St. Jean, Sandy Clinton, Lisa Chick, Jim Clinton, Matt Maguire


⎫Michaela St. Jean presentation of Sr. project money–$240

⎫Teachers in Attendance

⎫Treasurer’s Report—bill for food for Home Show received–$437.41; spreadsheet forthcoming shortly; scholarship grant expense in immediate future; $5,000 remaining in fund give or take;  Asking for Sr.’s to have any money in their accounts be returned to them at the end of the year.

⎫New York Trip—cancelled, not enough interest; replacing a trip to Six Flags on Wednesday, June 20th.  Only those kids signed up will be invited—they may bring a friend.

⎫Great comments about Dayton—will not use the same bus company; rave reviews from the hotel staff; kids were very well behaved.

⎫Gillette—Percussion Alumni event—Matt Maguire to organize

⎫Tips for Gillette—Laura proposes to divide tips at the end of each event at Gillette.  No tips will be put into students accounts.  If you choose to donate your tips they go to general account.  Motion approved.

⎫Banquet—The “V” holds 140, 5:30-9:30 pm.  We may have a capacity problem if both parents for each member of guard and percussion attend.  We will take a head count and see how the count goes.  Cost to each member $10.

⎫Fundraising 2013– Splitting groups and their fundraising.