February 2012 MBPA Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  Sandy Clinton, Jim Clinton, Paul Leuchte, Jen Hume, Tina Seiler, Vicki Harchik, Denise St. Jean;

Teachers: Matt McGuire, Laurie Sklar, Peter Conti

1.Treasurer’s business; checks written for reimbursements for various things.

2.Treasurer’s report:  Went over current balances in accounts.  Money from past student accounts will be transferred to MBPA account; Went over recent expenses; Color Guard had rehearsathon- money coming in soon;  Discussion of underwriting part of Hershey trip for band.  Trip still needs to be approved by school committee before details can be shared with parents.  Treasurer’s report accepted 7:0

3.World’s Finest fundraiser candy is in and passed out to students today.  We have 17 extra boxes for home show and for anyone who wants to sell them.

4.Discussion about getting info to parents about trips; how to separate functions so MBPA isn’t in the middle of getting parent info to them.  Peter shared that parents often ask him questions directly. Members of MBPA board are reminded to refer all inquiries not related to fundraising to the appropriate teacher/director and to assist parents in understanding that our role is fundraising, not running the program.  When parents ask us for info about the program, we must always refer them to the teachers/directors.  At this time there is no central place where parents can go to find out info other than the MBPA website. However, it seems that at this time, if there are any questions about anything that is not publicly listed, we should be extra careful to refrain from discussing or commenting upon anything that has been proposed, or any speculation on what may or may not happen.  Everything should be generically referred to the staff. Brief discussion about whether or not uniforms can be re-sold. This would be something to talk to Matt McG., about-to say what worked and didn’t work well and ask questions and air opinions, etc.

5.Home show update: some donations and ads for the program book received already. 10 cases of water from Hannaford’s; “Thank you” will be in brochure for food and other donations from businesses like Shaw’s; Thank yous sent to those buying ad space will include a copy of the booklet and a couple of tickets to the home show. 15 guard/10 percussion groups at home show- fewer groups paying entrance fees to us, but judges fee will remain the same as last year, which is still a big cost to us. Bus costs are affecting schools’ decisions to go to shows- they don’t go far from home as much anymore. New info- Dartmouth will not be coming this year. Will do fewer program books this year (350?). Reminder- make sure that there is dinner food from kitchen available for the last few groups performing. Some groups may not be coming in buses- may be in minivans and/or cars; Home show “email blast” to go out on March 1st reminding about details, including baking more baked goods this year for the bake table run by students. Much setup can be done the night before. Brad L will do announcing. Mr. C will choose somebody for singing.

6.Arnie will post the time slots for home show sign ups on the website from updated list provided by Tina S.  Eric P will do load-out all day. Please email Greenbergs, Arnie, and say we accept their offer to volunteer for 50/50 all day.

7.Fundraisers: Chateau Feb 13th;  Papa Ginos, Fridays, Bertucci’s are all possibilities that Denise will look into.  Gillette:  last few days were very successful;

8.Brief discussion about possibilities for fundraising- how to do Gillette?  Brainstorm some ideas that need a lot more input from others.  Tabled to be discussed at a future meeting.  Folks should think about options in the meantime.

9.Upcoming events: Rehearsathon- email going out soon with details for parents.  Potluck and pizzas.

10.Minutes from Jan. 7, 2012 MBPA meeting approved.   5:0