January 2012 MBPA Meeting Minutes

MBPA Jan 2012

Attendance: Paul Leuchte, Jen Hume, Sandy Clinton, Tina Seiler, Denise St. Jean, Kevin Brown, Heather B., x,x,x,

Teachers: Peter Conti, Matt McGuire, Tommy Lee;

Treasurer’s report.

1.  Color Guard:  Tommy: Trumbell Regional H+Guard on Feb 11th- need 1 bus; Balance in guard acct is $1500;  $1400 includes trip and registration.  *$1650 approved

2.Matt: Uniforms are in.  Looking at making some changes such as finalizing length of pants and making a few alterations in the next few weeks. If enough interest, there is possibility of selling them back for a %, to maybe get something in the neighborhood of $40.

Rehearsathon  2/18  Students got envelopes today.  Encourage them to get sponsors. Reminder that contribution over $10 will get a ticket to home show.  MBPA will host a pot-luck lunch at 1 pm.  Matt requests no high sugar foods- keep it healthy.  Show at 9:30 pm.

3. Treasurer’s  report:  Rec’d bill for QMS repairs submitted for previously approved.  Waiting for $ from Gillette to come in to cover general expenses.

4.  Band banquet:  Pot luck from families.  Need a little more- not as big a response from families as last year.

Discussion about whether there is a better time to do this, or whether to do something with all groups, in order to get more participation.  Originally thought that Jan is a down time for most groups- before performance season begins.

5.Sling bags:  ordered 100, only a few left.  A good seller.  Lots of positive feedback.

6. Candy fundraising:  Laura is spearheading it.  Looking at World’s Finest product.

7.  Band jackets:  Jackets ordered were supposedly in, but this does not seem to be the case, so this will be looked in to.

8.  Gillette  $250 @ Xmas   $275 @ new years;  Need staffing for playoff games  Will post need for staffing on website.

9.  Home show is St. Pat’s day.  Another show on North shore, so ours will be smaller this year; 16 color guard 11 percussion; Some are major groups that may draw the spectators, like King Philip and Dartmouth; Question about whether there is a season pass for percussion/guard competitions.  Discussion about passes for staff and parent support to assist our groups.  Peter will look into this.

Have a planning meeting soon for home show details.  Sandy has a planning schedule with some things to do in upcoming months.   In January, start to sell ads for program book.

10.  Bruins game:  58 kids are interested. Sign up sheets went home today. They play as a band- nat’l anthem, God Bless America, Intermissions.  No other bands will be playing that day.  Don’t have to wear uniforms.  Get a free hat.  $15 tickets, but a $5 discount for kids.  So their tickets are $10.  Need 4 chaperones- free tickets.

11.  Peter:  Thank you for trophy case.  Peter is getting 2 frames for banners from WGI

12.  Holiday concert was great.  Did a concert for younger students the next Monday, which went great too.

?13.  Band uniforms need cleaning?   Don’t remember what this item was.

14.  Hershey : 2 performances – $310-315 about for cost;  Performances @Hershey and at south street; Bus holds 55 .  If more people sign up, then another bus needed, which increases cost greatly.  Need to have a meeting about Hershey trip; Peter will schedule this for a Tuesday night soon.  He will get back to us. Permission slips needed and other details to let parents know about.  Trip will be right after school ends.

15.  $950/ 50/200= costs for Dayton, Trumbull, Norristown  percussion trips.  Deposits will need to be sent in soon.

16.  User fees due.  $50.

17.  Chateau Fundraiser on Feb 13.  Denise will set up a Cosi fundraiser this month.