10/12/22 Week At A Glance and Updates

From Mr DeJoy:

Good Afternoon Band Families,

Attached is the week at a glance and below are some updates:

All forms have now been passed in. Thank you! For payment, parents should have received an invoice through the music parents. If you did not get this invoice please reach out to them for assistance. They are cc’d on this email.

We once again need volunteers for the show this Saturday! If you would like to sign up to volunteer please sign up here. Volunteers should arrive at the show at the same time that the students do to help move equipment. Please report to the equipment truck when you arrive.

MBPA Fundraiser
The music parent association is running a calendar raffle for the month of November. Packets were given out at their last meeting and were given to students to take home. These fundraisers help finance the music parents who give the music program immense financial support. I highly encourage you sell all you can! If you have any questions please reach out to the music parents.

That’s all for now. Have a great week!

Justin DeJoy

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