Calling All MHS Marching Band Alumni



MetLife is calling and we need your help! Our 22/23 marching band has the wonderful opportunity to get back to MetLife after what I will affectionately call the Covid Haitus. Three of our four grades have never been able to experience this. I’m sure you will all remember how exciting it was to play in that stadium and enjoy the “big city” the next day. One bump in the road to giving our parents the ability to join their student is a Patriots football game at Gillette on November 6th.

Gillette still remains our biggest fundraiser to give our students the ability to take these trips, compete, and afford some of the simple pleasures like riding in a coach bus instead of a school bus. If we cannot staff the November 6th event (which we are contractually obligated to do) we jeopardize all of that. So here’s were we are looking to those who might like to Pay-It-Forward from a time where others might have stepped up to help out your student.

We need 14 volunteers to staff the Patriots game on Sunday, November 6th from 8:00am – 6:00pm. It’s a 1:00pm kickoff against the Colts. Know someone in the band, you can give your credits to them. All other credits will go directly back into the program to assist with financial aid. To sign up, click here or use the button below:

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For more information on our fundraising program at Gillette, including guidance for first-timers, click here. If you have specific questions, feel free to email our Gillette coordinators:

Tom Winrow or <a href="mailto:gillette2

Thanks for your support!