January 2022 MBPA Minutes

Mansfield Band Parents Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, January 5, 2022

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Aaron Nicodemus, Christine Bellevance, Amy Pierce, Frani Spivak, Suzanne Peavy, Chithra Baylis, Mark Baylis, John Mackin, Sam Evans, Shannon Conneiro, Tim Quinn, Rachel Colchamiro Ted Ten Eyck, Matt O’Neill, Christine Petrucci, Rachel Colchamiro, Sue Graff, Sue Roux,   Pam Ten Eyck, Kim O’Neill,  Michelle Fine, Deborah Stratton, Laurie Pepicilli, Tim Ketterer

Meeting was held virtually

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM 

Director Update – Tim Ketterer

  • Banquet will be postponed secondary to rising COVID numbers.  Mr. K would like everyone to be comfortable and safe when together to celebrate the students success in Marching Band to celebrate their success of the past year.
    • Will plan to reschedule, likely outside in the spring.  
    • Students do not yet know. Mr. K. will notify students tomorrow and then email parents to let them know.   Tim will ask Michael to speak with the guard.  
  • Trumbull is still on as of right now.
    •  Admin believes Trumbull is looking good as it is an out of district event.
    •  Must be sure to follow MA covid guidelines while traveling.
    •  We need to know from the admin sooner rather than later if it will be cancelled secondary to financial obligations of parents and the MBPA for this competition.    
      • A deposit has been made for the bus.  Contract states we are able to cancel up to 2 weeks prior without ramifications.  If inside the two weeks there is a cancellation fee of 10%.  Bus is a little over $1800 in total.  If canceled within 2 weeks will be out approx $200.  If we cancel before two weeks then we will not loose anything.  

Treasurer Report – Michelle Fine

Look at the past month profit and loss as opposed to the whole fiscal year. 

  • Expenses for December. 
    • Just about all spending has been for Winter Percussion and Guard.
    • Paid $2480 for percussion shoes and deposit for the costumes.
    • Have paid out $1021 for Winter Guard expenses. 
      • Just made the final payment for Guard costumes and those expenses will be reflected next month. 
  • Fundraising
    • Printing for brochures used for corporate sponsors $192
    • Gillette brought in $18,776 with $450 of that being student credits earned
      • $7625 of Gillette money went into financial aid
  • Total income for month $26,096.11
    • Gross profit for month after expenses $22,927.75
  • Have made a partial payment for music editors, Matt Mcguire and Andy Kim.  Andy’s check just went through today so will reflect next month
  • Program equipment, instruments and repair.  In total we spent $9531 on program equipment this month and were under budget on all except the speaker carts, which went up slightly.
    • Purchased brand new symbols which will be used for Marching Band, Concert Band and Winter Percussion. 
    • Had recently received new bass drums, but did not have travel cases for them.  New travel cases purchased. 
    • Purchased a new accessory bar for one of the marimbas.
    • Ordered speaker carts.
      •  Budgeted $1800 but they went up a little bit, $150 per cart.
      •  Lead time is 16-24 weeks so anticipate having them for the summer
    • Ordered props for Winter Guard.
    • Purchased drumsticks, malletts and drum heads which cost about $2600.  After Rich got us a substantial discount we paid about half of what was budgeted for this equipment.
  • Gillette has brought in a stunning amount of $51710.  In total to this point, $7676 in student credits have been earned and $9730 from Gillette had been put towards financial aid.
    • We doubled our anticipated earnings and we are still waiting on payment from the last two events as well as bonuses which we might be getting.
    • This is the highest grossing year we have ever had with Gillette 
    • This season we had 113 individual volunteers who filled over 240 volunteer slots 
  • Current account balances
    • Checking account $51463 
    • Money Market $12033.23
    • Total balance $63,696 
  • All invoices and credit statements have been sent.
    • There are 21 students  who Michelle does not have correct email addresses for and the emails keep bouncing back. 
      • Will be printing invoices for those students.  Printed invoices will be given to Mr. K who will give those out during band class. 
      • If you have not received a credit report or email regarding your account, please email Michelle Fine directly and make her aware.   
  • Winter Percussion and Guard invoices will be sent in the beginning of February, once we have final numbers and costs.
    • Percussion costumes were approx. $75 dollars less than we anticipated
    • Got a significant  discount on Vans sneakers
    • Total costs for percussion will be about $100  less than anticipated 
    • Working on the final cost for Winter Guard with Michael. 
    • Invoices for winter ensembles will be sent  through Vanco. 
      • All pin numbers and info will be provided to parents so can start making payments and orders through that system 

Gillette Update – Aaron Nicodemus

  • Season is finished, but there is a chance that the Patriots will host a playoff game next weekend. 
  • Need to start looking forward to signing a contract with Gillette in 2022
  • Are looking at last week in January or first week in February for a Gillette committee meeting
    • Has been a few people express interest
      • Christine is willing to be on committee
      • Aaron witl help with a few events
      • Ted TenEyck and Tom Winrow have also expressed interest in sitting on the committee
  • We have earned about $65,000 this year.  May get a $3000 bonus for staffing all Patriots events for a total of approx $67,000. Very profitable year with less events. 

Secretary Report – Kim O’Neill

No report this month

President – Pam Ten Eyck

  • Discussion of Home Show Plan given current rise in COVID numbers and cases
    • Tim Ketterer- Had a meeting with the principal today and was told that the Administration would give us an answer about if we will be able to hold a Home Show by the end of this week.  
      • New NESBA regulations require everyone to wear masks. All volunteers will be required to show proof of vaccinations
      • Would be unlikely that we would be able to sell food 
  • Pam TenEyck – At what point does the MBPA decide it is not worth it to move forward with the event?
    • We had already been worried about getting volunteers before the vaccine requirements went into effect.  Concerned that this new regulation may affect our abilities to get enough volunteers
      • We needed to fill approx 80 volunteer slots for the 2020 Home Show
  • Michelle Fine-
    • We don’t typically make a lot of money on groups coming in
    •  Judges cost about $3000.  
    • We make a lot of money on food and need to decide if it is worth having the event if we can not sell food
      • The past 2 home shows we sold approx $3000 on concessions.  After paying for the food and kitchen staff we profited approx $1200-$1500.  
    • Numbers from 2019 and 2020
      • Expenses to be paid no matter what if we host groups:
        • Judges $3000
        • Custodians $1100 
        • Police detail $370
        • Awards $175
        • Various other smaller expenses as well as the Ad book printing
        • We are in for a total of almost $5000 up front just to host the student groups with or without spectators
      • We make approximately $6500-7000 from spectator admissions
      • 2020 profit $6388 and 2019 $5078 after expenses
      • Is there a cancellation fee for NESBA?
        •   Tim will need to find out 
  • Laurie Pepicelli – Home Show is an important cultural part of the program. 
    • Used for recruitment
    • Only place QMS percussion ensemble competes.
    • The kids will say that the Home Show is very meaningful and their favorite show.
    • We need  to make sure that if changes are made this year that we don’t lose our ability to host again next year and moving forward
  • Tim has not heard anything from other groups about possibly pulling out.  It is a benefit for us to be the show before the WGI regionals in Trumbull
  • Other hosting schools have several more weeks to make decisions regarding the show.  Ours is very early compared to others 
  • Michelle Fine – MBPA does have the money this year to be able to take the chance to put the money out.  Financially we are in a good position.
  • Additional discussion on pros and cons of MBPA moving forward with Home Show. 
  • Pam Ten Eyck – Do we want to have it if we can’t have spectators? Do we want to have it with lots of restrictions? 
  • General consensus is that the kids have already lost so much over the past two years.  We don’t want the kids to lose anymore.  The kids want to perform with or without the spectators.  As we are in a solid financial position and we are willing to take a chance on spending up to $5000 to put the show on even without spectators and the potential for additional income/fundraising.  Will move forward with home show as long as the school says we can 
  • Unless we hear otherwise from the school, we will have our next Home Show meeting as planned next monday night.  Location tbd

Fundraising Report – Deborah Stratton

  • Students have sponsorship forms, please make sure you turn them in.  Tim has additional forms if needed   
  • Regardless of Home Show status we will still be doing sponsorships
  • Deadline for turning in sponsorships is January 25th, no extensions can be provided due to printing deadlines. 
  • Sponsorship forms to be sent to president@mansfieldbandparents.org
  • Will still be planning on Krispie Kreme fundraiser.  We will pick a date and share the information.  Profits will be put towards the program as opposed to individual student accounts.  

New Business/Concerns

No new business this meeting

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM 

Next Meeting Wednesday February 2, 2022 at 7:00PM