November 2021 MBPA Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Band Parents Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes – Wednesday November 3, 2021

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Mary Beth Kennedy, Jenn Walsh, Aaron Nicodemus, Frani Spivak, Christine Bellavance, Sue Roux, Amy Pierce, Ted Ten Eyck, Vicki Bailey, Matt O’Neill, Mark Baylis, Christine Petrucci, Pam Ten Eyck, Kim O’Neill, Deborah Stratton, Michelle Fine, Tim Ketterer, Laurie Pepicilli

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM

Fundraising Report – Deborah Stratton

  • MBPA hosts a Home Show for which we put together a Home show book. It is a book of corporate and personal ads and shout outs. It is a big undertaking and a big fundraiser.
    • Doing a complete redo of our list as there have been a lot of changes in businesses because of COVID.
    • The students in Winter Guard and Winter Percussion will all be given a list of businesses to approach for donations/ads in the Home Show book.
    • Kids are expected to approach the businesses they are assigned.
    • Students will not necessarily get the same businesses as in the past.
    • We need volunteers to assist with putting this all together.
    • If a student sells a personal ad, which is not required, they will get that money in their own personal band account.
    • If a student sells a corporate ad the money goes into the general band account.
    • Kids will get brochures to hand out to businesses with sponsorship info.
    • Sponsorship assignments, brochures and any other required info will be handed out at percussion and winter guard practices.
    • Sponsorship committee will keep very close track of sponsorships.
    • We will need to keep very very firm dates of when things need to be returned, we can not have any exceptions as books have to go to the printer by a very specific date.
    • Sponsorship info will be coming out very very soon
  • Will be setting up a direct donation fundraiser for people who would like to donate.
  • If your company does direct or matching donations please let us know, it is tax deductible and we have paperwork which we can provide.
  • In the past we have had a Fall event, last event was 80s Trivia Night and was a big success. We would like to plan a winter event. We would like feedback from members. It is an indoor 21 and over event, adults only. Target is January, checking availability for venue which had already been paid for for cancelled Casino Night (cancelled due to COVID)
    • Musical Bingo?
    • Trivia Night?
    • Silent auction?
    • Quarter auction?

Secretary Report – Kim O’Neill

  • Home show will be early this year, February 19th. First show of the year
    • Last home show we had upwards of 80 volunteer slots that we needed filled
    • First Home Show meeting to be held 11/22. Location TBD. Everyone is welcome. We need a lot of help this year
    • Laurie can help facilitate administrative needs for show

Director Update – Tim Ketterer

  • Looking into the Marching Band Banquet on 28th, same day as the holiday parade, but Gillette event that date so need to find a new date. Will need to be after the musical
  • Group picture to be taken after the parade on Veterans Day. The school is coming by to get full band picture this Friday.
  • Holiday Parade starts at 2PM
  • Veterans Day parade starts at 10. Need to meet at North Common at 9:30
  • There will be a winter concert this year, but need to confirm the date.

Treasurer Report – Michelle Fine

  • There is an updated budget as we now will have a JV Color Guard which was not factored in the original budget as it had not been confirmed if we would have a JV team at the time of the vote.
    • Some money which wasn’t used in Marching Band has been reallocated to the Guard program
    • Initially budgeted $3000 for a new floor, but now will not need that floor so will free up some money for other needs.
    • New budget is very similar to initial budget
  • Speaker and Synth Carts
    • Very large expense
    • Speaker carts are custom made for speakers and need to be paid upfront.
    • Will not arrive until either May or June due to supply issues
      • Should we order now or hold off until next fiscal year?
        • Speakers are unstable as currently strapped on dollies
        • Synth cart is less critical, primarily would need new wheels
        • Matt O’Neill spoke with a friend who does metal work and could put speaker carts together for us.
          • DECISION:
            • We have already allocated the money for the speaker carts in the budget, we will order now despite the delay in shipping. Michelle Fine will order speaker carts
            • We will wait on ordering the synth cart and see if new wheels help, if not will order a new cart.
  • Marching band will be closed out by next meeting and will have budget vs actual for next meeting
  • Account Balances: Checking $36,516, Money Market $12,000, Petty Cash $200 (for cash boxes) for a total of $48,716
    • Balance is approx $30,000 less than pre covid.
    • Gillette brought in little over $16,000 which is paid through August. Waiting on additional approx $15,00 for events already completed.
  • Issue with Quickbooks after update that needs to be worked out regarding student credits and financial aid
    • Gillette student credits earned little over $9000, financial aid credits $2900
  • Now that have email list will be sending out invoices and credit reports with payment instructions. Plan to send out on Friday.
  • Payments will soon be made through our new online payment account. Michelle is working to set up
    • Expect to have student ID and pin numbers next week which will be sent out to all families

Gillette Update – Aaron Nicodemus

  • Next couple of events are fully staffed, but need volunteers for the last three regular season Patriots games.
  • Gillette has added a number of new events happening the same week (Nov 29). Revs playoffs (how many depends on outcome of games), MIAA Super Bowl event
  • Need help for the 11/28 Patriots game which is the same day as the Holiday parade so no students. Mr. Ketterer will see if non marching band students can help out .
  • Tuesday 11/30 Revs playoff game, would likely earn $2500 if fully staff event. Flexible with arrival time if coming from work as Tuesday is a difficult night
  • Laurie will encourage middle school parents to participate in Gillette
  • MIAA schedule has changed and is dependent upon how the Revs do in the playoffs. These may be weekday events with 12:30 call time. Would be very difficult to staff. We are contracted to staff at least one day, but Aaron believes it would not be a big deal if we couldn’t staff.
  • Tips continue to be very high this year.
  • Now all cashless systems have almost doubled our tips.
  • Will allow students to volunteer at a night Revs games as students can be released by 9PM, which is no later than a band practice.
  • Please text friends and ask/encourage people to come volunteer, the personal touch goes a long way to encourage people to volunteer.
  • Mr. Kelleher is encouraging students to go and seems to be helping to fill the slots.

Grant Update- Jenn Walsh

  • Creating spreadsheet of all available grants
  • Secured $1000 from Mansfield Cultural Council and will be seeing those funds soon
  • Submitted for town grant
  • Will continue to look to see what we qualify for
  • Inquire with your employers to see if they have grants
  • We have an official MBPA letterhead which can be provided to companies. Donations are tax deductible
  • Email address for grant questions:

New Business/Concerns

  • Thank you to Mr. Ketterer for a successful marching band season
  • Laurie would like to get on the books a middle school band parent meeting. Laurie will send a few potential dates to the board to schedule.
  • Frani has offered to be a middle school liaison for the band.
  • Do we have dates for percussion and color guard? Yes,winter percussion will start the audition week on the 16th, Tuesday, Thursday with auditions Saturday. Guard starts this week. Will be a mandatory percussion meeting on November 12th at 6:00 in the auditorium.
  • Will there be an apparel sale? Yes, it is in the works. Michelle is working with Grogans to build the store. Will have parent jackets, sweatshirts and hats. Request for green apparel as well as black and grey.
  • Request for band group photo in yearbook to have all names listed as do the sports teams.

Meeting adjourned at 8:24 PM

Next Meeting Wednesday December 1, 2021 at 7:00PM