December 2021 MBPA Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Band Parents Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes – Wednesday December 8, 2021

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Mary Beth Kennedy, Aaron Nicodemus, Frani Spivak, Ted Ten Eyck, Matt O’Neill, Christine Petrucci, Rachel Colchamiro, Kirsten Murawski, Pam Ten Eyck, Kim O’Neill, Michelle Fine, Tim Ketterer

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM

Director Update – Tim Ketterer

  • The Marching Band banquet will be January 15th and will start at 5:30. Will be held in the high school cafeteria. It is a long weekend. Tried to schedule outside of that long weekend, but was unable to find another date that worked.
  • Winter concert is next Wednesday. Took some time to get approved. Will not be in the auditorium, will be in the gym secondary to COVID guidelines. Can arrive at 6:30, doors open at 6:45 and the concert starts at 7:00. Admission is $5 per person or $15 per family cash or check. Students should wear concert black including socks and shoes. Can wear a colored/holiday tie if the student wishes. Students are aware and this was in an email to parents.
  • Last night the School Committee approved the trip to Trumbull for Winter Percussion.
    • Michelle Fine would like to discuss bus times and practice space for Trumbull. Will follow up outside of the MBPA meeting.
  • Informed today that Caroling at Home will not be happening. Trying to at least still do for the high school students and maybe tape or live stream for the rest of the schools. Students are not aware that it has been cancelled, so please do not share until Tim has the chance to tell them.

Treasurer Report – Michelle Fine

  • Not a lot has changed since the last meeting. We received a check from Gillette for approx $6300 for September We have approx $326 in cash tips that Aaron has turned in. We are awaiting payment for 3 events in October, 2 events in November and 1 in December. Should be getting paid out on those soon. Gillette is usually about 60 days behind in payment.
  • We raised $700 in the lottery ticket raffle. Tickets were sold at home football games and the winner was pulled at Thanksgiving. The winner of the lottery basket was Jill Kearney.
  • Spending money for winter programs. Percussion and Guard uniforms have been ordered. Percussion shoes have been ordered.
  • Bank account balance is about $39,000. Money Market account balance is about $12,000.
  • Will be a lot more to report next month.
  • Frani Spivak asked if we had an update on synth and speaker carts
    • Michelle reports we are waiting on a quote from a friend of Matt O’Neill who is able to make them. Should have that info early next week.
    • Michelle reports that synth carts just need new wheels, which Matt O’Neill will be able to address.
      • Frani Spivak asked if we already agreed to spend the money in this budget, why are we just not buying? Michelle reports they are expensive and trying to save money if we can. Matt O’Neill reports that we agreed to order the speaker carts at the last MBPA meeting. Michelle misunderstood that we were ordering the speaker carts and will order them this week. We will make adjustments to the current synth cart and order new speaker carts.
    • MaryBeth Kennedy asks if the statements that were sent a while back with credits reflected anything that was purchased in the Fall? Michelle reports yes, and that she will be sending out updated invoices this Friday. Two months ago drum majors handed out printed credit reports to students. Last month Michelle emailed everyone their updated credit report. Only people who did not get updated credit reports reflecting fall purchases were the Guard as Michelle was just given the info from Michael 2 days ago. Michelle will update and send new emails with current info.
      • Several people report that they did not get credit emails. Michelle reports that most people got them and she has received many payments. Will resend. Updated invoices will not have winter percussion at this time. Winter percussion will be reflected in our new system.
        • Once percussion numbers are finalized we will be sending out info on how to register and use the new payment/ordering system.

Gillette Update – Aaron Nicodemus

  • Aaron will be stepping down as Gillette coordinator next year. Christine Bellevance will continue to run stands on game days. She has not been involved in the behind the scenes paperwork, planning and recruitment.
  • Aaron proposes that we start a Gillette sub committee that would be at least 4 positions.
    • Events Stand Manager who would be responsible for attending events and running the stand, do the counts, assign everyone and make sure the numbers add up with the Gillette manager at the end of the event.
    • Gillette Kitchen Manager would attend events and run the kitchen on events days. Making sure everything is clean before leaving.
    • Recruitment manager would be a new position. This person would handle emails and Facebook posts. Answering all questions from parents and students. Deal with all paperwork on event day. Many things that need to be signed at Gillette during events, it is alot to keep track of.
    • Paperwork Manger is the person who is basically running the show behind the scenes. They will communicate with Gillette, set the schedules and most importantly in February be responsible for signing the contract for the next year.
    • Committee would need to meet next month to discuss the contract and the upcoming year. Next year will be incredibly busy at Gillette with many many concerts expected to come through next summer. Many special events and international soccer events are also expected.
    • We need to be very careful to not over extend ourselves. We are doing very well with tips with the cashless system and we need to be clear with our expectations and what we agree to with Gillette.
    • Still awaiting payment for 6 or 7 events.
    • We have 2 more events still on the schedule. December 26th Patriots game, we need a lot of people for. Please sign up, we are 7 people short. January 2nd Patriots game we still have a couple of slots open. If we can fully staff these last two events we will get a bonus of $3000 from Gillette for staffing all events. Both games are 1:00 games with 8:30 arrival.
    • Not sure if there will be a Patriots playoff game which we need to staff. We are under contract to staff if they occur.
  • Tips at last Rev’s game were good, we earned over $1100 in tips during that game. Have not received tip info on the Tom Brady game.
  • On track to have a year as good as 2019, and maybe even better with fewer events. We did 18 events this year and 28 events in 2019.
  • Need to heavily recruit for the new Gillette Subcommittee. May have multiple people who could be in each role to spread out the responsibilities. Would be nice to have some flexibility.
    • Michelle feels that the paperwork person should be consistent throughout the entire season in order to keep things better organized and streamlined throughout the season.
  • Christine Bellevance and Tom Winrow have volunteered to be on this committee. Tom is very familiar with the kitchen and would be very good in that role. Aaron will still be available as a resource.
  • MaryBeth Kennedy comments on the difficulties with getting people to volunteer if there is not something to work towards (ie trips). There will not be any overnight trips this year due to COVID.
    • Metlife is on the radar for next year. Tim reports was “chasing a freight train” all fall with a new position which he was put into late, staffing issues.
    • Tim would love to do Disney as one was on his fondest memories as a high school student, but will not “dangle a carrot in front of kids” at this point as the kids have already lost out on enough in the past couple of years of the pandemic. COVID will have to be much better before it can be discussed any further.
  • Will need to work on putting together a committee. Rachel Colchamiro suggested that there be a spot on the signup genius to sign up for being people who represent the positions for game days. Make the sign up sheet more specific? Possibly assign a stand manager and kitchen manager per event.
  • We had over 100 individuals who volunteered this year. More than 65 were band parents and students.
  • We will be recruiting middle school band parents at the concert next week to come volunteer at Gillette and Home Show. Is it possible to make an announcement at the high school concert? Possibly.
  • Many IRS rules regarding credits and how they can be assigned and used. Must be very very careful with non profit status. There are other ways to encourage people to increase their participation (is preferred seating for a concert, ability to attend events). Always have the opportunity to watch concerts.

Secretary Report – Kim O’Neill

  • We had our first Home show meeting with a very good turn out. People are still welcome to join us and get involved. It was basically an orientation meeting.
  • Will be sending an email with a summary of the meeting and a list of what sub committee people signed up for at that meeting.
  • Next meeting will be held next Monday night and we hope to hold the meeting at the community room at the Police Station. It is also National Honor Society induction night so may affect attendance.
  • We did make a decision on changes for parking and traffic flow.
  • Will contact Laurie to see when info needs to be done to be sent to NESBA.
  • Matt O’Neill reports that there is also a room at the airport which can be used for community events and meetings.

Fundraising Report – Pam TenEyck for Deborah Stratton

  • Sponsorship brochures are in the process of being printed and info should be out next week.
  • Krispie Kreme netted us $3000 last time we did this fundraiser. Would like to do it again. No longer can go to Maine location, need to go to Mohegan Sun, but there is no variety there. Need to find a date for this fundraiser as we are currently spread very thin with volunteers and other events. Most of this can be done online. May buy extra and sell as well
  • Decided that we are not doing a winter fundraiser as we are very busy with other events. Looking forward to an event in the spring.

President Report- Pam TenEyck

  • Apparel Update: Store is built. Will be live “hopefully” tomorrow. Michelle needs to discuss the vector files with the Board and then with Grogans.
    • Will we be able to get the apparel before Christmas? We would like the parent apparel done before Christmas, though we may be too late. Michelle reports it will be up for approx a week and Grogans will do everything in their power to get deliveries before Christmas. We will reopen after Christmas for additional orders. All items will be fully customizable. If you send Tim a link then he can send it out in his weekly update.
  • Middle School Collaboration: MBPA will be represented at the middle school concert next week. Frani Spivak will get table and put a flyer together for event

New Business/Concerns

  • We will put a sign up genius together for the banquet.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM
Next Meeting Wednesday January 5, 2021 at 7:00PM