October 2021 MBPA Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Band Parents Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes – Wednesday,  October 6, 2021

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Amy Pierce, Kerrie Schlager,  Mary Beth Kennedy, Jenn Walsh, Aaron Nicodemus, Rachel Colchamiro, Frani Spivak, Chithra Baylis, Laura Donovan, Christine Bellavance, Susan Quinn, John Mackin, Jen Winrow, Ted Ten Eyck,  Pam Ten Eyck, Kim O’Neill, Deborah Stratton, Tim Ketterer (Via Zoom) 

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM 

Introductions of all present

Treasurer Report – Pam Ten Eyck as Michelle Fine unable to attend

  • Account Balances : Money Market $12,030, Checking Account $38,574, Petty Cash $266 for a total of $50,870.
    • These totals do not reflect credits, which still need to be applied

Credits refer to money earned when a student or student representative works a shift at Gillette.  Those credits are put into a student account and can then be used to pay for items such as trips or band related merchandise/apparel or financial aid.  Credits are currently approx $12,000  

  • Budget Review:  Budget is posted on MBPA Website.  Need a full member vote at this meeting to approve expenditures.  Budget is broken down into sections:  Marching Band, Winter Percussion, Winter Guard.  
    • Marching Band Total:  22,550
    • Winter Guard: $9,175
      • Current Budget does not reflect a JV Winter Guard for this fiscal year.  If JV Guard is added, anticipated budget increase possible of up to $10,000
      • Guard floor is not currently reflected in the proposed budget-will likely need to be added through amendment. 
    • Winter Percussion: $18,250
    • Total Proposed 2021/2022 MBPA Budget $49,975
    • Budget Discussion
      • Unsure if we will need to purchase new floors for winter seasons.  Tim to research and determine. 
      • Proposed speaker carts $1800.  Carts were voted on and approved prior to COVID shutdown and have been on hold since then.
      • Proposed synth cart $2,500
      • When would speaker carts be in?  Would they be delivered in time for the Winter Season?  
        • Unknown at this time due to supply chain issues.  
      • Current budget is approx $20,000 less than previous years budget as school now covers staff salary as well as decreased anticipated trips this year.
    • Vote on proposed budget – will amend at another point if needed
      • Motion to accept the budget as proposed:  Unanimously approved

Gillette Update – Aaron Nicodemus

  • Lots of uncertainty this year,  Gillette having a hard time staffing volunteer booths which is cascading down on to groups who are running booths.  
    • Has been difficult year to this point, but appears to have stabilized
  • Now all cashless systems have almost doubled our tips.  
    • Previous events we have never earned more than $800 for an event, with the new cashless system we earned approx $1500 in cashless tips plus some additional cash tips on most recent event
    • In the past we have done 30 events per season, this year we are contracted for 17 events.  Aaron anticipated the High School Superbowls to be added to our scheduled events soon.  
      • Superbowl is usually a 2 shift event (morning and afternoon)
  • Revs game usually bring in approx $2000
  • Once we commit to an event we have to staff the stand.  Gillette does not have any fill-ins available. 
  • We will not staff an event if there are not enough volunteers to run it safely.  
  • For this past event we only had 5-6 actual band parents/students volunteer.  All the rest of the staffing was friends and friends of friends.  While it is nice to have that help, and we would not have been able to run the events this season without them, it is not sustainable.  We need to have increased participation from current band parents/students and families.  
    • To this point this year we would have not been able to have run the booth without those friend volunteers.
      • We need to strongly consider if we are able to keep this large fundraiser and if we are able to continue to sign contracts moving forward if we don’t soon get increased volunteers from current MBPA families.  
      • Important for all families to be fully aware of how important Gillette is and how that loss will affect this program.  
        • We expect each family to volunteer at least once per season
        • Students 16 years old and over can and should volunteer
        • Mr. Ketterer is talking with students about the importance of volunteering.  
        • Brainstorming of how to get increased participation:  
          • Email MBPA members and request to pick from a few dates
          • Send email to MBPA members and be very very clear about Gillette, expectations and what is at stake
          • Try to bring in 8th grade families  
          • Highly encourage people to provide contact information through the MBPA website so we have all contact info. 
          • Parents communicate and encourage other members to sign up and volunteer
          • Parents appreciate Mr. Ketterer adding info and links to his weekly emails as he has been doing every week
          • Social event to get families to meet each other and learn more about Gillette and its importance. 
        • New contract needs to be signed in February

Director Update – Tim Ketterer

  • Spartans Instruments
    • Working on getting baritones and mellophones.  
      • Are we getting a tuba? 
        • Inquired, but not currently available through spartans
          • Money set aside and will be getting soon
          • Looking for convertible tuba so can be used for marching band and concert band
      • Can we get current tubas repaired?
        • On list to do 
        • Need to get estimates from shops for repairs.  We have contracts with several shops
        • Frani Spivak and Mr. Ketterer will follow up after meeting
  • Staffing
    • Currently hired winds instructors to help with Marching Band season.  To this point Mr. Ketterer has been doing all himself 
    • Has snare tech who will finish Marching Band season and hopefully stay on through the winter season
    • Visual tech has been brought on and hopefully will continue through the winter season
    • How many staff do we still need to staff winter percussion? 
      • 2 pit techs, 2 more battery techs
  • Are we doing a Home Show this year?
    • Mr Ketterer to meet with Mary Watkins to discuss and then will be additional conversation amongst board and membership

Secretary Update – Kim O’Neill

  • Thank you to Marybeth Kennedy for spearheading all uniform organization and Kerrie Schlager for dozens and dozens of alterations
    • If students need additional alterations after initial alterations, contact Kim and we will coordinate to make adjustments
    • Will see about a button to MBPA website for contact if there are issues
  • SignUp Genius for this week’s competition is up.  Sent to Mr. Ketterer who will send it out to families. Is also up on website

Fundraising Report – Deborah Stratton

  • Putting together additional fundraisers to Gillette
  • Unable to do prize a day calendars as planned this fall as the cheerleaders are doing this.  Will likely do again in the spring
  • Planning chocolate bars, cookie sale
  • Social event, hopefully Saturday November 6th.  Need to gather a bit more info.  Planning an outdoor event. Additional info to come soon
  • Permission from school to have a table at the football game.  Will be selling chances for a lottery board which will be sold at football games through Thanksgiving
  • Coin/Money containers to be delivered to several businesses in town.
  • Please share fundraiser ideas
  • Possible “electronic telethon”? To gather more information

Grant Update– Jenn Walsh

  • Creating spreadsheet of all available grants
  • Secured $1000 from Mansfield Cultural Council and will be seeing those funds soon
  • Submitted for town grant
  • Will continue to look to see what we qualify for
  • Inquire with your employers to see if they have grants
  • We have an official MBPA letterhead which can be provided to companies.  Donations are tax deductible
  • Email address for grant questions:  grants@mansfieldbandparents.org

New Business/Concerns

  • When does Marching Band/practices end? 
    • Last competition/Finals on 10/31
      • Saturday rehearsals end after Finals
      • Will perform at Thanksgiving game
  • Will we do hot chocolate for Gillette games? 
    • Aaron will follow up, but depends if we can fill out primary booth

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM 

Next Meeting Wednesday November 3, 2020 at 7:00PM