Trumbull Show Day Schedule

From Mr McGuire:

Good Morning,

What an exciting weekend! The percussion ensemble had a great start to their competitive season and it was only the beginning! These kids know how to work hard!

Also – I just want to thank all of the parents that helped drive trucks, move props, etc. for our first show – we couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you to the parents who helped with costumes when they came in, huge help!

And our parents who have been helping on the prop crew – I will thank you all a hundred more times this season but your hard work, dedication, and professionalism is making a big impact on our program – ALL of the judges complimented the look and that is in large part due to the work you have done.

On to Trumbull…

This past weekend was a NESBA competition. NESBA is the local circuit that we compete in here in New England. This weekend we head to our WGI regional. WGI (Winter Guard International) is the international circuit that regulates the indoor percussion and color guard activities. This is a regional that we attend in order to qualify for the World Championships in April. These judges are some of the best in the country and will provide us invaluable feedback on our performances. Here is a little bit of information about the day –

We will be leaving early (6:30am) so that we can arrive around 9am. We want to arrive nice and early so the students have plenty of time to prepare before heading in to perform in the preliminary competition for the day. The truck will arrive in Trumbull a little before us so we will be looking for parents to arrive early and start the unloading process for us – that way the students will be a little less stressed out before they perform.

We may warm up a little outside if the weather permits (likely it will be cold). Our official indoor warm up time will be at 11:01am in warm up area B (one of Trumbull HS’s cafeteria spaces). Our performance time will be 11:33am. After that we load up, eat, and head to our rehearsal space around 10 minutes down the road in Trumbull (Frenchtown Elementary school). We will rehearse for a few hours, then load up, eat, and head back for the finals performance.

When we arrive back at Trumbull HS, we will repeat the process from the morning. Our performance time (and subsequent warm up times) will depend on how we do in prelims (and where we place), After we perform in finals, we will load up and head home.

We are going to head home prior to awards starting. While it would be great for the group to stay for awards, it’s a long day and a long bus ride. I want to get everyone home before midnight. If there are any senior parents who are driving down and would be willing to have their child stay and accept the award on behalf of the group at the awards ceremony, that would be great. Please just let me know.

We will have passes available for those that are helping to unload the truck and those who are helping us on and off the floor.

Please remind your child to bring their sweatshirt/sweatpants for loading and unloading. Also – we spend some time outside, so a jacket and gloves would be very helpful.

I recommend sending them along with at least one meal and some money to purchase some food at the cafeteria in Trumbull. They are eating at least 2 meals with us that day, so please send them prepared. $15 – $25 should be enough for food depending on how much prepared food you send along in a cooler or lunch box.

Students do not pay an admission fee for the show. For spectators, the admission to the show is $15 for prelims, $18 for finals, and $28 for a combo that gets you into both shows. This is more expensive than the traditional NESBA show – these prices are set by WGI. Cash only for admission.

Let me know if you have any questions, and if I think of anything else that would be helpful I will pass that information along.

Click here to visit the WGI webpage for the Trumbull show!

Thank you for all of your support!

All the best,


Trumbull HS Percussion Schedule – WGI Regional – 2020.pdf