Dartmouth Schedule

From Mr McGuire:

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are doing well. A quick change to our schedule. There is a basketball game Wednesday night in the gym so we won’t be able to practice the on and off the floor again on that night. We have rescheduled to 7pm in the MHS gym – we anticipate less than an hour. Let me know if you have any questions.

Also – attached to this email – please find the schedule for Saturday in Dartmouth. Let me know if you have any questions on that. Please be sure that all permission slips are in to Mr. McGuire before we depart on Saturday.

Any parents who are helping to move equipment on and off the floor in Dartmouth, can meet the ensemble in the Dartmouth HS cafeteria at 5pm. One of the staff will meet you there if you are not already with the group.

Costumes have not yet arrived, but we are anticipating tomorrow or Wednesday for those. I will let everyone know when they come in.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to getting this season off the ground.

Dartmouth HS Percussion Schedule – 2020.pdf