November 2019 MBPA Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Band Parents Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, November 6th 2019

Click here to view a printable pdf of the November 2019 monthly meeting minutes.


Matt McGuire, Mark Baylis, Nancy LeBlanc Mary Beth Kennedy, Dianna Dolan, Gary Troilo, Jenn Walsh, Kim O’Neill, Catherine Capalupo, Pam Ten Eyck, Michelle Fine, Deborah Stratton, Aaron Nicodemus, Sydney Ten Eyck (Student Liaison), Haley McGuire (Student Liason)

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM 

Treasurer Report – Michelle Fine

  • The North Easton Savings Bank changed hands last week.  All services are not yet up and running since the merger, so Michelle was unable to complete full treasurers report as computer systems still not merged.  
  • Fundraising
    • Gillette numbers not available due to banking mergers
      • Gillette doing very well this year
    • If anyone would like updated info on treasurer numbers before the next meeting, contact Michelle and she can get them to you next week when we return from MetLife.
    • Trivia Night after expenses we made $1823.53
      • Great night, thank you to all who came
      • Great response from all who came
        • Sjolbak was a big hit.
        • Elks charged $165 for the night, but refunded $50 cleaning fee.  If any Band Parents belong to the Elks then we can request room at  a discounted cost. 
    • Coin Drive ends tomorrow. Prior to Trivia Night coin count was $501
    • Calendar sales as of last week was $2760 in sales.
      • Deb Stratton has additional money and forms, but was unable to be here tonight.  She will get that info to Michelle next week so those numbers should increase.
      • Great fundraiser
    • We are well beyond our fundraising projections to this point.  Projections were: 
      • Calendars $750 (Actual $2760+)
      • Coins $250 (Actual $501+)
      • Trivia Night $1800-$2500 (Actual $1823.53)
    • Michelle can provide official treasurer report to anyone who would like it next week. 


Gillette Update – Aaron Nicodemus

  • We had 2 events in October
    • Giants game was an all time high for sales, over $20,000 in sales plus over $700 in tips.  Was difficult night to staff being a Thursday night game in bad weather, but filled out spots and did very well.  Thank you to all who gave their time!
    • Browns game was average, due to weather
    • We have done very well at all games except the Browns game
    • We have 5 events to go.  November event all filled.  Need volunteers for December events.  Hoping Patriots will host at least one playoff game.  
    • Will be doing hot chocolate for the rest of the season.
  • Next year already announced 2 Taylor Swift and 2 Kenny Chesney concerts and motor cross event.
    • Will sign a contract in February.

Secretary Update – Kim O’Neill

  • Looking ahead to Band Banquet on December 1st, also day of Holiday Parade and Sunday of Thanksgiving.  Sign-up Genius for potluck items and volunteers will go up after MetLife.
  • All set with volunteers for MetLife.
  • We have enough MetLife passes to go around this year.


Sponsorships – (Nancy LeBlanc)

  • Percussion and Winter Guard are more expensive programs so we use Corporate Sponsorships from local businesses to help defray the costs for the students.  
  • Electronic copies of all sponsorship paperwork has been forwarded to the Board for review. 
  • Friends and Family (formerly rehearseathon) additional means to defray direct cost for students.
  • Mr. McGuire wants to make clear to everyone that as much as we would like everyone to participate in sponsorships and fundraising, it is NOT a requirement for participation in the programs.
  • Is it possible for us to have a master list that is available to the students so kids are familiar with what’s available?

Restaurant Fundraisers – (Dianna Dolan)

  • Next up is 99 Restaurant on November 13th from 4-8, will have glassware and lottery board. Requires coupon. 
  • Bertuccis has not yet responded.
  • Papa Ginos will be held on January 22nd from 4-9 in Foxboro
  • Bella Sarno March 25th from 4-9
  • We made $151 from Fresh Catch Fundraiser
  • Will loop back around to Flannel Cow in the spring, looking at Friday May 29th.  They were very good to us last year and gave us a portion of all sales from the entire day.  

Coin Drive

  • Official last day tomorrow, but will accept to Thanksgiving.  
  • Student Liasons will post on Facebook, group chats and Mr. McGuire will put in Google Classroom and Remind app. 


  • Weekly winners will be pulled every Saturday and winners will be notified by Deborah Stratton.  

SCRIPT Cards – (Michelle Fine)

  • Ordered info packets, but have not come in yet
  • Great fundraiser for non-profits, selling giftcards that you would already be buying anyways and a portion of sales go back to programs.  Order through Script, put in enrollment code and can purchase with credit card or online banking or check. Online orders and payments go directly to buyer, check orders will be deliverd to Michelle or Deb who will distribute cards when arrive.  Many of them are reloadable online. Some will mail physical gift cards and some are immediate to print. 
  • Starting immediately, constantly running 
  • Info to be sent in weekly update and put on MBPA website.  

New Business/Concerns

  • None currently

Meeting adjourned at 8:09 PM 

Next Meeting December 4th, 2019 at 7:00PM