January 2020 MBPA Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Band Parents Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Click here to view a printable pdf of the January 2020 monthly meeting minutes.


Matt McGuire, Mark Baylis, Mary Beth Kennedy, Dianna Dolan, Jenn Walsh, Aaron Nicodemus, Amy Pierce, Rachel Colchamiro, Frani Spivak, Matthew O’Neill, Siobhan McDonald, Catherine Capalupo, Kim O’Neill, Pam Ten Eyck, Michelle Fine, Deborah Stratton, Sydney Ten Eyck (Student Liaison), Haley McGuire (Student Liaison)

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM 

Grant Report – Jenn Walsh

  • Finding it somewhat difficult to find grants as Mansfield on the whole is a fairly affluent community
  • Starting spreadsheet of grants and organizing by dates
  • Lots of winter grants opening up
  • Will apply for Mockingbird Grant, was awarded to Mansfield in 1991
  • Looking for Regional and National grants in addition to local grants
  • Very time consuming to research grants
  • All leads on grants are welcome.  Contact Jenn Walsh with any thoughts or questions
  • Looking at uniform grant – matching grant, still requires more research
  • Some of the bigger grants require a title, so need to add Jenn Walsh to MBPA website as “Grant Writer”, Mark Baylis will follow up.
  • Info for matching grants to be put in newsletter and web site

Treasurer Report – Michelle Fine

  • Marching Band mostly closed out, few small items left
    • Band Parents funded the program $26,000 which was roughly what we had budgeted.  
    • Total cost for season was $64,000, most of the difference between the $64,000 and $26,000 was for items parents bought or paid for.  
  • Percussion invoices have been sent out, Green Guard will be sent out tomorrow or Friday
  • Fundraising: 
    • Apparel $914 so far this year
    • Calendars $2983
    • Coin Drive over $1200
      • Budgeted $450
    • Fall Fundraiser/Trivia Night little over $1600
    • Gillette awaiting 4-5 more checks, but currently almost at $43,000. To this point have given out $7681 in credits 
    • SCRIP gift cards approx $600
      • Had slight snafu with UPS delivery for Christmas delivery.  Need to set an order by date for next year for Christmas delivery.  

Gillette Update – Aaron Nicodemus

  • Ended the Gillette season very strong.  
    • Gillette paid $150 per volunteer instead of $100

    • Took over an additional booth for last two events due to Gillette staffing issues
    • Ended the season approx $5000 over where we did last year.  Last year raised about $53,000 and this year approx $58,000
    • Gillette really leaned on us this year 
    • Old registers at Gillette were a problem this past year, Aaron to talk to Gillette about upgraded registers next year
    • Patriot playoff game was a night game, question from Deb Stratton re: double credits for this event.  Only double credits offered last year were for “holiday games” which were back to back. We have not had double credit games this year.  This game will remain a single/standard credit game.  
    • Next month Aaron will meet with Gillette to sign the contract.  Not a lot of choice except what soccer games we want to staff. We are required to staff all concerts, all Patriots games, all special events.  There are a lot of conflicts with the soccer schedule and Winter Percussion and Guard so will likely not staff many of them, but the schedule will pick up again in May.
    • Will offer one soccer game to All Night Party to staff as we have in the past.  
    • Need additional volunteers alcohol trained, one will be held on January 14th and one on February 1st.  Gillette requires 2 trained volunteers in the booth per event.  
      • Five people have volunteered and already have three trained so will have total of 8
      • Credits will be provided for training as in the past
      • Trainings are good for 3 years 
    • Huge thank you to Aaron for all of his hard work and for the Mansfield News article.  Tremendous job!
    • Will make sure middle school student families are aware of Gillette opportunities.  

Secretary Update – Kim O’Neill

  • Scholarships

    • MBPA awards 2 $500 dollar scholarships per year

    • Currently some kinks in the process, need to review process and application forms to  revise and make sure process and expectations are clear.  

    • Guidance needs to know by January 31st if we will again be offering scholarships

    • Need a committee to review the logistics and applications

      • Michelle Fine, Siobhon McDonald, Kim O’Neill and Mary Beth Kennedy to review forms
    • Last year was discussed possibly increasing the amount of scholarship or adding additional scholarships.  Will keep as is for this year.  

  • Home show, Saturday March 7th.  Earlier this year than in the past.  Full show this year. Dartmouth will likely back out.  

    • Scheduled to start at 1:00PM with guard and finish at 7ish
    • Middle school percussion will be performing
    • Next home show meeting monday night at high school
    • Can be nurse or EMT on site, doesn’t need to be both
    • Adjusting spectator flow to hopefully increase food and merchandise sales
    • Stephani Kuplast will manage spectators again, Bob Trejo will be announcer
    • Kim O’Neill is contact person for Home Show

Fundraising Report – Deborah Stratton

  • Sponsorships
    • Color Guard Green team have sponsorships
    • Percussion and Color Guard White will get sponsorships this week.  
    • 100 percent of sponsorships will go back to program
    • Asking students to try to bring in at least $100 in sponsorships
  • Friends and Family
    • 100% will go into students account
  • Corporate Sponsorships
    • Have contacted approximately 25 larger businesses
    • Have corporate letters to be sent out 
  • Krispie Kreme donuts fundraiser for Guard and Percussion, date TBD
    • Proceeds will do directly into students account
    • Pick up will be at the high school
    • Cost will be $10 a dozen
  • Community Coin Collections – To drop at local stores – Mark Baylis will volunteer to be a pick up person.  
  • Casino Night meeting tomorrow night at Pam’s house
    • Need a lot of volunteers to make event a success

New Business/Concerns

  • Dianna Dolan – Reminder Papa Gino’s Restaurant night Wednesday January 22nd from 4-9.  Will need the flyer to get credit for sales.  
  • Aaron Nicodemus – Possible fundraiser at Xtreme Craze air adventure park and laser tag. Will give back up to 45% of proceeds from sales (sliding scale based on participation).  Would like to set up for January 29th with is MPS half day. No penalty for not bringing in enough business. Frani Spivak will pass info onto PAC.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM 

Next Meeting February 10, 2020 at 7:00PM