Gift Cards

Welcome to a new, easy way to support the Mansfield band programs, just by spending the money you were going to spend anyway.

ShopWithScrip is a service that lets you buy gift cards – the same physical or e-gift cards you can already buy at over 700 retail brands – but a percentage of the face value is rebated directly to the Mansfield Band Parents Association to help support our school band programs. And you still get to spend the full face value of the gift card.

You can use these gift cards in the traditional way – as a gift! And just in time for the holidays! – but if you purchase gift cards for your own personal use, then your everyday spending will benefit the school programs, too.

Here are a few examples:

  • $100 weekly spend on groceries at Stop and Shop (or Shaw’s, or Star Market…). 4% rebate means $4 for the kids. Do this for a year and the bands get over $200.
  • $50 holiday gift certificate from LL Bean. 16% rebate means $8 for the kids.
  • Amazon Prime membership due? 8% goes back to the band program (either annual membership or monthly membership).
  • Going on a Christmas trip? Best Western rebates 12%.
  • Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Chipotle rebates 10%. Buffalo Wild Wings rebates 8%.

From electronics, to groceries, to a night out. Whether it’s food for Thanksgiving or gifts for the holidays, ShopWithScrip provides an easy way to get on with life while also supporting the band and color guard. Get your friends and family involved, too, and the numbers multiply rapidly. Since this is a national program, they don’t even need to live near Mansfield.

Not convinced yet? Here are just a few more local stores involved in the program: Kohl’s, Target, Starbucks, Subway, Best Buy, TJ Maxx, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy’s, CVS, Home Depot… Need more? Here’s the complete list.

How does it work?

  • Log on to
  • Enter the MBPA enrollment code – 34FE649E57949 – and hit “Enroll”
  • Confirm that the Mansfield Band Parents Association is shown as the sponsoring organization, and complete the registration page to create a new personal account
  • Add a cell phone number to better secure your account
  • Take the quick tour, start browsing, and start ordering gift cards

Payments can be made by credit card, ACH or check:

  • Credit card transactions are processed instantly online, and incur a 2.6% processing fee
  • ACH payments – connecting your bank account to ShopWithScrip – are processed instantly online and incur a $0.15 processing fee
  • Checks can also be used but need to be delivered to MBPA’s treasurer, Michelle Fine ( This method incurs no transaction fees, but delivery of the gift cards is then coordinated through Michelle and therefore is not an “instant” form of purchase

Physical gift cards will be mailed once payment is made. E-gift cards (“ScripNow e-Card”) are emailed immediately. It is possible to link your existing cards to your ShopWithScrip account in order to “reload” them, though the details vary from card to card – for example, a Starbucks gift card can be reloaded online, but only if the card being reloaded was originally purchased from ShopWithScrip.

Please take a minute to check out the options. This is a great fundraising opportunity that has raised tens of thousands of dollars for other organizations. Let’s make sure our band program gets its fair share. Click here to learn more. If you have questions, please check out the FAQ, or email Michelle.