Band Newsletter 10/28/19

From Mr McGuire:

Good Morning Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who supported the band in Reading, either through helping with props, driving the truck, or cheering us on. Definitely our best performance to date. The confidence level in these kids is really starting to shine!

We have an extremely busy week ahead of us, so I just wanted to highlight some of the information. Much of this can be found in the newsletter attached to this email.

Monday 10/28 – Regular rehearsal time – 6:15pm – 9pm.
Wednesday 10/30 – Haunted Hallways/Halloween Concert. For any band member who is not in Tri-M, the report time will be 6pm. Tri-M students will need to report at 5pm. The band will play at 6:30pm. We will perform during the costume parade and one other piece and then we are finished for the night.
Thursday 10/31 – Rehearsal was moved to 3pm – 6pm to allow students to enjoy the evening off for halloween related events (or just staying on top of homework). This was at the students request and we were able to pull it off with field space and staffing.
Friday 11/1 – Home playoff game. Report time will be 6pm.
Saturday 11/2 – Rehearsal – 11am report time and we will finish at 3:30pm. I shortened the day from the original calendar to give students a little bit of a break since it is such a long weekend.
Sunday 11/3 – NESBA Championships in Lawrence MA. 11am report time. This is a long day. I suggest students bring study materials for any downtime and the bus ride.
Monday 11/4 – I will host a quick MetLIfe trip meeting to distribute final details and the itinerary for the trip. This meeting is optional and will only last a few minutes. I will answer any last minute questions anyone might have. The meeting will run from 6:30 – 6:45pm.

These next two weeks are two of the busiest all year, and then we all get a little breather. Here are some ways that we can help the students stay successful this week:

  • I am not letting students stay after for band this week – I am going to instead encourage them to focus on homework and staying after for other teachers if needed.
  • No sectionals this week
  • Encourage students to focus on homework and rest during the downtime.
  • I will encourage students to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and eat well (which is not much different than a regular week). It’s even more vital this week.

In the past students have managed these two busy weeks very well – they are generally much more resilient than we are. Please remember that everything we are doing this week is an effort to prepare them for success. They have put in many hours and worked extremely hard at this for the past 7 months – I want to make sure the final few weeks of the season are as rewarding for them as they can be. Also, this is a great opportunity to put those time management skills to the test. I know it may be challenging at times, but persevering through the next two weeks will go a long way in developing grit and tenacity in future endeavors.

Finally, if you can, please come out and support the band in Lawrence. It really is a pretty awesome day. The cheers from the crowd go a long way to validate their work and give them confidence when they are performing. Also, don’t think that your cheers have to be reserved for the beginning of the show and then end of every movement. Feel free to jump in there and cheer when a great section solo is performed, or a great catch from the color guard is executed, or just about anything else that you see or hear and like. Those cheers during the performance help let the students know that they are on the right track and doing great work!

I am so excited for this band as they close out the final two weeks of the season. I think it’s going to be a pretty incredible end to a wonderful season. Thank you for your time and support and I look forward to two great weeks ahead.

All the best,


MHS Band Newsletter Week of October 28.pdf
NESBA Championships Lawrence Show Schedule Fall 2019.pdf