Putting Mansfield on the march – The Clarissima Story

Here’s an excerpt from a great story published in The Attleboro Sun Chronicle about the loss of the Mansfield High School fight song, ‘Clarissima’ and it’s subsequent recovery and re-introduction 20 years later.

MANSFIELD — When Peter Conti was playing trumpet in the Mansfield High School marching band in the early 1970s, there was one song he could expect to play at just about every football game: “Clarissima,” the school’s fight song, as arranged by Mansfield High’s longtime music director, James Gallow.

The teenage trumpeter and his bandmates played the short, punchy march to herald the Hornets’ arrival on the field, and to celebrate every Mansfield touchdown, just as prior generations of Mansfield musicians had done.

Yet by the time Conti took over as Mansfield’s band director in the mid-1980s, fight songs were passé and “Clarissima” was out. The modern trend was to punctuate touchdowns with pop songs like Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” and Henry Mancini’s “Theme from ‘Peter Gunn.’ ”

What’s more, Mansfield’s musicians couldn’t play “Clarissima” even if they wanted to. Boxes of sheet music had been lost during a school construction project, and one of those boxes contained all the sheet music for “Clarissima.”

Follow this link for the full story (this link opens in a new window that is not part of the Mansfield Band Parents website): The Sun Chronicle – Putting Mansfield on the March

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