September 2012 MBPA Meeting Minutes


09/05/12   7:00pm    MHS Teacher’s Lounge

Type of meeting: Monthly Meeting        

Facilitator: Laura Dunn

Note taker:  Sandy  Clinton                             

Attendees:        Peter Conti, Laura Dunn, Sandy Clinton, Andy Trask, Paul Leuchte, Marie Leuchte, Kathy Haapaoja, Tommy Lee, Scott Gaughan, Cheryl Duffy, Cricket Neary, Kevin Brown, Mary Beth McIntire, Jody Busa, Jen Hume, Jim Clinton, John McKenna




 Instructors in Attendance (Guard Winter Budget-Tommy)

New Uniforms display;

Two Guards—small kids/MHS kids;

request to order equipment/flags budget of $1500 JV squad;

 Varsity squad budget request $6500

 Big E Chaperones 9/20 8:30 am (Peter)

email Pete if you wish to chaperone. 

Fill out a Cori Form which can be found online. 

Can buy ride ticket online for less. 

$10 per kid(bus & tip),

free entrance they must purchase a ride pass. 

Motion for band parents to pay for a bus at $975.

 Fall Schedule Update (Peter)

Nov. 17th UMASS Band Day; UMASS band staff work with our kids and at half time the kids perform. 

Chaperones/Tailgating needed.  $70 registration fee approved by Band Parents.

Fundraising Activity 

Summary from Gillette payments—only received 5/26 LAX payment of $425 (incorrect—s/b $1200—for double header)

 Future Gillette Dates—11/11 1pm—Guard Takes this date, 11/18 1pm, 12/10 8:30pm, 12/16 8:20 pm

 Fundraising Items to Purchase (Foam Fingers/Butt Cushions) motion to order, OK to order

 Guard Candle Fundraiser-funds raised need to come back to Band Parents general account

 Stefano’s Fundraiser (9/11 Tuesday 4-11 pm), no flyers needed, a percentage of orders come back to us.

 New Website-Andy Trask, webmaster

Great website, easy to use, Andy’s doing an awesome job!

 Discussed Bari Sax for QMS

Not clear on where $3500 price tag came from. Peter suggested looking into ebay

 Grant Items (status of order/purchase)

—$5300–Guard Floor, Drum Set for Jazz Band,$1,000 Guard Equipment.  Floor

has been delivered, Drum Set needs to be ordered, Guard equipment can be ordered.


Car Wash summary ($677 clear profit!)

 March 23, 2013, Mansfield Home Show according to NESBA website

 Thank you from Kathy DeBruyn for scholarship grant


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