NESBA Finals Tickets

From Mr Ketterer:

Good Morning,

Our NESBA Finals tickets finally arrived in the mail. We were required to sell 38 tickets (one for each performing member) as our entrance fee for this competition. Tickets are $15 each, if you are planning to attend the show please purchase your tickets from us. Tickets can also be purchased at the door after we have sold out. If you are volunteering, you do not need to purchase a ticket as you will have a NESBA badge that will allow you to enter the show site.

You can bring cash or check (made payable to Mansfield Band Parents Association) to rehearsal tomorrow (rehearsal starts at 10:30, students should arrive before then to set up). Pam Ten Eyck will be here from 10-10:30 tomorrow to sell tickets for the show. A post will be made on the MBPA Facebook page when all tickets have sold out.

Thank You,
Mr. Ketterer