Donut Change! Important!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for selling the Krispy Kreme donuts, it was a very successful event for both percussion and color guard. Great job to all of you!

Unfortunately, Covid is playing with our plans once again. Due to the pandemic and closures the only Krispy Kreme store for fundraising in New England is at Mohegan Sun. Of course, they are having staffing issues and are running at a lower capacity. The website (and when we did this previously) says to call in your order 72 hours in advance and you are all set. Well, I did and we are not! That particular Krispy Kreme location has over 2000 boxes going out for fundraising on Friday 3/18 and so they can not accommodate our order of 614 boxes (yes, we got a late order for 42 more boxes!). I researched driving to a Krispy Kreme in the Bronx (the next closest available store) but they are also unable to accommodate for Friday. Something about St Patrick’s Day orders (who knew!)

So, we have to be flexible, as always and have rescheduled the pickup and delivery for the donuts to Monday March 28th. That is the soonest they have available! The pick up will be the same, 2:00 – 5:30 at MHS. Please let your people know that the donuts will be LATE! But they will still be FRESH!

All of your accounts will be credited by Thursday this week. Because we already collected all of the money, moving the delivery date does not impact the kids ability to use the money to cover their trip to NJ.

Thank you for your understanding, I am so sorry this did not work out as we planned. There have been so many obstacles this year and although it is inconvenient, I am sure we can handle waiting 10 days for donuts. I just wish we didn’t have to!