From Mr Ketterer:

Good Evening,

Attached is the tentative schedule for the WGI Trumbull competition. We only have a confirmed timeframe for the start of the day. We will receive our performance time for finals around 3pm and I will send out an email to everyone as soon as I get information from WGI. I have also included a link for volunteer sign up to help us get on and off the floor. As I mentioned earlier, WGI is very strict about performance times and we will face a penalty if we go over the allotted time.

I am aware that the forecast for Friday is less than desirable at the moment. I will be watching the weather closely and communicating with central office as well as facilities. I will keep you updated on any changes to the schedule.

I also wanted to share some good news with everyone. The Mansfield Percussion Ensemble submitted a video for the WGI Virtual Prelim. Mansfield took home second place and has now qualified for Virtual Finals. These video’s can be viewed on FloMarching,com.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Mr. Ketterer.

Trumbull 2_26.pdf