February 2022 MBPA Minutes

Mansfield Band Parents Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, February 2, 2022

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Aaron Nicodemus, Christine Bellevance, Frani Spivak, Chithra Baylis, Mark Baylis, Ted Ten Eyck, Matt O’Neill, Christine Petrucci, Marybeth Kennedy, Tim Winrow, Pam Ten Eyck, Kim O’Neill,  Michelle Fine, Tim Ketterer

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM 

Director Update – Tim Ketterer

  • Winter Percussion:  Had been hoping to paint an old/existing floor, but after doing some research Tim and the staff are concerned about the durability and maintenance of a painted floor.  Staff strongly feel that it is a much better decision to purchase a new, custom floor for this season.  
    • Money for the floor is available within the existing percussion budget as we have saved a lot of money in other areas of the budget.
    • Floor has been ordered for $3300 and is anticipated to arrive before the Trumbull competition.   
    • After the floor $1297.03 left in percussion budget 
  • Tim would like to request that the MBPA purchase 2 additional metronome speakers.
    • We currently have 2 of these and they are used constantly and needed for all groups in the program. 
      • One of the current speakers does not work well at all and needs to be plugged in at all times or it will not work.
      • This purchase would benefit and could be used by all of the programs (Guard, Marching Band and  Percussion)
        • The purchase of 2 more would provide enough for every section.  
          • They are $1200 each. 
          • Have enough in budget to pay for 1 of the metronome speakers from percussion budget and the other would need to come from general budget. 
          • We have this money on hand as we are under expected costs in several other areas of the percussion budget this year.  We budgeted $1500 for props and will only be spending approximately $500 of that, leaving a surplus of $1000
      • If money comes out of percussion budget then there will be no more money left for any other circumstances which may arise during this percussion season.  
      • Since these items will benefit the program as a whole should we take it out of the general budget?  Money is there, but needs to be voted on.  We have a pad in percussion but all of the guard money for this season’s budget will be spent.
      • Bylaws state that  once we vote on a budget we are able to move money around within that budget to meet our needs  as long as we don’t spend more than initially voted on and approved.  We need to vote on any purchases over $250
      • We need to vote because is outside of the initial budget:
        • VOTE:  All in favor of purchasing 1 metronome using percussion budget and second using general budget
          • All present vote “Aye”.  No oppose, no abstain. 
            • MOTION PASSES
  • Trumbull run through
    • There will be percussion rehearsals on Tuesday and Friday the week of February vacation (instead of the typical Tuesday/Thursday schedule). 
      • Percussion parents will be invited  to come in Friday night to see a preview show as well as to train volunteers on how to get on an off floor.  
        • It is very important that volunteers are trained in this  to avoid penalties in WGI competitions.  
          • After the training the kids will pack the truck as will need to leave early for Trumbill the next day.  
      • Need to determine how many volunteers we will need for pit and props.  Will determine and then put up sign up genius
    • Percussion will not have the regularly scheduled Thursday night  practice as cheerleaders will be having competition in the gym.
      • Tuesday and Thursday practices will be extended from 4-9 to allow an additional 2 hours of practice. 
    • The Nashua show will be the first weekend of vacation.  
  • Jazz ensemble music will be handed out tomorrow.   Little delayed in the start because of COVID.  Rehearsals will be on Thursdays right after school.  Will first have auditions and then begin weekly rehearsals.

Treasurer Report – Michelle Fine

  • More categories on the balance sheet. 
    • Board met and discussed the way that student credits and financial aid were reflected within out accounts
    • Decided it would be more transparent and clear cut to have separate accounts for those two categories
      • We now have 4 bank accounts
        • Checking Account  is general working fund with a current balance of $19,057.55
        • Financial aid is a new account which we opened with $10,000
        • Money Market/Savings account with balance of  $12,033.23
        • Credits is a new account opened with approx $7,500 worth of credits earned to student accounts through Gillette.
      • Accounts are very clean now and very easy to see and manage the monies in each category.  Easy to move money between accounts as necessary and appropriate.  
  • Profit and Loss
    • Income $3143.68
      • A lot of merchandise and apparel which we have received payments on-mostly parent payment from marching band 
      • If there was money still in accounts from the canceled Dayton 2020 trip.  This money has been applied to percussion fees
      • Fundraising-Friends and Family and Krispie Kreme credits from 2 years ago
    • Expenses $15,757.18
      • Food for Percussion and Guard Rehearse-a-Thon $749.88
      • WGI Trumbull fees paid out, but will be billed back to school for payment  $845
      • Paid out approx $8500 for equip and apparel for percussion and guard
  • Color Guard Trailer now fully registered and insured
  • Waiting on a couple of more Gillette checks which we anticipate will be significant.  
    • Have not received last December or 1st January game.  
    • December 26th game were double tips so are expecting almost $6000 for that game alone
    • May be getting a $3000 bonus for staffing all Patriots games as well as a $250 deferral per Patriots game.
  • Speaker carts are delayed another 3 months.   Will now  arrive late August, early September. 
  • Letters went home with Percussion students with info regarding our new payment management system.  Not emailed in case people don’t check the emails.  Tim will also add info into his weekly wrap-up.  The Color Guard will get their letters tomorrow.  General info and link will also be added to MBPA website. 
    • Will be able to see an itemized list of what needs to be paid. 

Gillette Update – Aaron Nicodemus and Christine Bellevance

  • Have received a list of packages from GIllette.  In the past we have done a custom schedule.  Need to do 26 events to continue to be a tier one program which earns us 16.5% of food and non alcoholic beverages if over and above our stipends.
  • Aaron is willing to do a couple of events in the spring to teach people how to run the stands. 
  • Gillette Committee meeting scheduled for Wednesday February 9th at 7:00PM.  Location TBD
    • Will talk about setting up a custom schedule for events
    • In the past we have needed 2 serve safe certified and 2 certified team servers (alcohol).  We will need 2 trained person per event moving forward
      • Need to provide a list to Gillette of those who have been trained or are going to be trained.  Serve safe training will happen in February, March and April.  Gillette will send a booklet to review.  Class is 8 hours at gillette.  Will service breakfast and lunch.  Will take a test at the end of the day.  Certification is good for 5 years.  Teams is a 1.5 hour online course, and will take a test at the end.  
      • Will earn credits for there certification classes
  • Tim will include meeting info in email next week. 
  • Would like to continue to give double credits to each first time volunteer next year.  
  • Will present to incoming 8th grade parents so they can get involved and start to earn credits for their student.  
  • At this time GIllette will allow 4 students per event

Secretary Report – Kim O’Neill

  • Scholarship Committee
    • Info for this years scholarships has been submitted to the school
    • We will again be awarding 2 scholarships to the graduating class 
    • We need 6 scholarship committee volunteers.  One person would do all redaction of personal information.  Ideally we would like to have 2 junior, 2 sophomore and 1 freshman parent to sit on the review committee.  Senior parents and Board members are not allowed to sit on the committee
  • It is not a large time commitment.  

Vice President/Fundraising – Pam Ten Eyck for Deb Stratton who is unavailable

  • Please make sure students are working on sponsorship paperwork.  
    • We do not yet have a revised due date
  • Krispie Kreme fundraiser will take place March 12th.  

President – Pam Ten Eyck

  • Board elections will take place during the May MBPA meeting.  All Board seats are up for reelections and we would are in need of nominations for a new Board.  Please send all nominations to president@mansfieldbandparents.org to be added to the ballot.
  • Michelle Fine has offered to assist the new treasurer next year if needed for training.  

New Business/Concerns

  • Tomorrow’s QMS concert for tomorrow has just been postponed
  • Will schedule a middle school MBPA meeting for February
  • Tim will be sending out info regarding percussion compression garments to students and parents this week in his Friday wrap up with a lot of other information

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM 

Next Meeting Wednesday March 2, 2022 at 7:00PM