Please help!! Need FOUR MORE Gillette volunteers for 7/25!!!

Hello fellow band parents, friends and alumni:
The Mansfield Band Parents needs FOUR MORE adult volunteers (18 and up) for the Sunday, 7/25 Revs v. Montreal soccer game at Gillette Stadium. Gate call 3 p.m., should be done by 9 p.m.

If you need to come later or leave early, please contact Aaron to make arrangements. We are flexible!

Also, there are two new events on our Gillette schedule:

The Patriots Season Ticket Holder event will be held Friday, August 6. Exact time TBD, but we have listed our best guess.

The Monster Jam on Saturday, Aug. 28. (This event features monster trucks doing tricks, jumping cars, crushing cars, bowel-shakingly loud, etc). Gate call 4 p.m., should be out by 10 p.m.

We can take one student aged 16-17 per event, per Gillette rules. They are NOT required to volunteer with a parent.

Reminder we offer DOUBLE CREDITS ($50 for your student’s account) to first time volunteers all season. Also, we offer a fair share bonus of $25 for every four credits you earn.

For example: Two first timers would earn $125 in credits for their student for working one event: a $50 double credit, a $50 double credit, and a $25 fair share bonus. Student first timers count for double credits as well!

Please sign up if you can!

Here’s the link to our sign up:


Christine Bellavance
MBPA Gillette co-coordinator

Aaron NicodemusMBPA Gillette co-coordinator