February 2020 MBPA Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Band Parents Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes – Thursday, February 10, 2020

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Matt McGuire, Mark Baylis, Mary Beth Kennedy, Jenn Walsh, Aaron Nicodemus, Rachel Colchamiro, Frani Spivak, Pam Ten Eyck, Michelle Fine, Deborah Stratton

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM 

Treasurer Report – Michelle Fine

  • Report not printed as issues with Quick Books
  • Deposits down on busses, Dayton, Costumes, Props
    • Still need to order the floor for percussion
  • Fundraising: 
    • Krispie Kreme: Net $2054.50, most of this money went directly to student accounts. 
      • May look at doing again in the Fall with broader marketing strategies. 
    • Michelle will redo invoices to reflect additional credits and send out tomorrow. 
  • Gillette
    • Got $11,000 in checks this month
    • One still outstanding because of discrepancy
  • Michelle can send out formal reports tomorrow if anyone would like them 
  • Will have better understanding of corporate sponsors next month
  • Next month will be a big report with info on home show expenses and corporate sponsors.
  • Jenn Walsh requests info for corporate sponsors, Deb Stratton will provide

Gillette Update – Aaron Nicodemus

  • Ended the Gillette season very strong.  
  • Still owed one last check for $5000 for playoff game, Gillette forgot to pay for some hot chocolate volunteers, but has now been rectified and these payments will be included in next check 
  • Had a Gillette Committee meeting a few weeks ago to discuss seasons and plans for the upcoming season.  Posted summer events are filling up. 
  • Wlll have 34 events this year compared to 26 last year so will need more volunteers.
  • Trying to find ways to get more first time volunteers
    • Will make a video about what a typical day at Gillette from start to finish.  Aarron’s daughter and a friend will make that video so that those who have not volunteered before can see what to expect and see that it is not that “scary” and that parking and such is not as difficult as people envision. 
    • Will start meeting at the High School again for people who would like to caravan together if they choose
    • Aaron would like to offer more credits to first timers.  Give them more of a financial incentive to initiate participation.  Possibly $50 for the first time and $50 for the second time?? We had 7-8 parents as  first timers over the whole course of the year last year….not very many.  
      • Will hold another meeting with the Board to discuss further.  Meeting will need to be held prior to the first event which will be held on March 15th.

Extreme Craze Fundraiser– Aaron Nicodemus

  • Last fundraiser was a huge success.  We earned $636.75
  • The manager would like to do another fundraiser on Super Tuesday, March 3rd, which is a day off from school from 2-4.  Will adjust flyer and send info back out
  • Was a very easy fundraiser to run, just needed to get the word out.  
  • Limited number of laser tag slots, so need to sign up early.  We have 66 slots for laser tag each hour. 
  • Will try to get word out to the elementary school kids as well. 
  • Will be the last one for this school year. 

Director Update – Matthew McGuire

  • Will be a meeting on February 25th for all students interested in band for next year.  Letters have been mailed home to all students who are already enrolled in middle school or high school band. Will give an overview of band program and expectations prior to course selection.  Is also noted in Mr. McGuire’s last newsletter.
  • Percusion/Color Guard Banquet has been done in restaurant/function hall in the past.  Can be pretty expensive, would like to have at the high school with pot luck this year to minimize costs for families.  
    • Will likely still be in the evening of Memorial Day as it is a day that seems to work for families as students have a parade that morning. 
  • We have an anonymous donor who wants to make a specific sizable donation to the program. Mr. McGuire is in communication with the donor and Mrs. Murphy/school to discuss possibilities. More info to follow when some logistics are ironed out.
  • Will send an email out about practice getting on and off the floor for percussion

Secretary Update – Kim O’Neill

  • Scholarship review committee has reviewed and submitted all scholarship paperwork to the guidance office.  We are NOT able to post on our own website, will go live March 2nd through Naviance.  
    • We want the process to be as objective as possible.  Would like to come up with rubric, make recommendations that Executive Board members will not sit on review committee, there will be an additional person who will review documents and redact info to make as blind as possible.
    • Documents need to be postmarked by April 28th and then the review needs to be done rather quickly as the decisions need to be back to the guidance by May 8th. 
    • We already have a few volunteers to be part of the review committee.  
    • Need to make sure we have written rules and expectations.  
  • Email from one of the students on the yearbook staff and she is looking for any photos we have of band and percussion.  Waiting to hear if we also need color guard pictures or not. Will contact Susan Burns to request if she can forward some.  Will also check with Tom Rozelle to see if we can use some pictures from the marching band banquet slideshow.  

Fundraising Report – Deborah Stratton

  • A few businesses are collecting with our coin containers
  • Sponsorships and Friends and Family are active right now
    • We are reviewing options for Home Show Book to decide if we can do color or keep black and white.  Reviewing different options.  
    • “Deadline” is tomorrow, still have more ads coming in
    • Friends and Family deadline is February 14th
  • Restaurant Fundraising Update (from Dianna Dolan)
    • 99 sent a check for $61.13
    • Papa Ginos has not yet come
    • Flannel cow in works for end of May
    • Change of Bella Sarno date conflicted with all district band concert.  New date will be Wednesday, March 11th. 

Grant Update– Jenn Walsh

  • Have not applied for any as of yet, a few are about to open up
  • Casting a wider net as we don’t qualify for many grants
  • Getting info on the percentage of students that qualify for free and reduced lunches as that can impact qualifying for some grants
  • Working on spreadsheet to keep track
  • Looking at one right now that could be worth up to $10,000, but needs to be for targeted item or items. 
    • Mr. Mcguire reports that we will need to start to look at new drums in the near future.  Will discuss further

New Business/Concerns

  • Mary Beth Kennedy – “Do we know when percussion costumes will be in “
    • Mr. McGuire reports they should arrive around February 15th and will not be very difficult to alter.  
    • Shoes will be ordered in next few days
    • Guard uniforms came in today and are currently being altered
    • Percussion floor will likely be ordered tomorrow, there has been some difficulty with the floor company getting the floor proofs right.  Going to see if they can send prop materials first so that they can get started.  
    • If costumes come in next week, could we please do alterations early in the week.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:13 PM 

Next Meeting Monday, March 2, 2020 at 7:00PM