October 2019 MBPA Meeting Minutes

Mansfield Band Parents Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, October 2nd 2019

Click here to view a printable pdf of the October 2019 monthly meeting minutes.


Matt McGuire, Mark Baylis, Jose Loyola, Mary Beth Kennedy, Dianna Dolan, Gary Troilo, Jenn Walsh, Kim O’Neill, Pam Ten Eyck, Michelle Fine, Deborah Stratton, Sydney Ten Eyck (Student Liaison)

Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM 

Treasurer Report – Michelle Fine

  • Fundraising:  Vast majority of incoming funds at this time is Gillette.  
  • Have made some income on glassware and coin containers, but nothing has yet posted to bank.  
  • Some negative numbers in budget this month as we have put some deposits down on some things for Met Life (hotel, busses)
  • Gillette YTD $14,389 though just received another check for $10,000 which has not been deposited yet.  
  • Have had significant spending in Marching Band.  Paid for majority of props and copyrights. 
  • Were able to get new speakers and went only $28 over budget.
  • Reallocating money from light towers to drum heads, no longer need light tower.  Rich was able to secure drum heads for a “huge” discount. 
  • Invoices out to all for MetLife.  Michelle has been getting lots of payments via Quickbooks.  
  • Aaron was unable to attend meeting to provide Gillete update.  Pam reports that we have an upcoming event on Thursday the 10th that we need a couple of spots filled.  Thursday night game so no students.  
    • Gillette has already booked 2 Taylor Swift and Kenney Chesney shows for next summer which will be helpful as this past concert season was not very busy or lucrative for the group.  

Director Update – Matt McGuire

  • Tentative date of Sunday December 1st set for Marching Band Banquet.  This is the same day of the town Holiday Parade. Will be held in the school cafeteria and be potluck.  
  • Matt would like to thank everyone for their patience and flexibility with all the scheduling changes over the past couple of weeks as a result of concerns over EEE.  School District and staff doing everything they can to keep kids safe and protected during this time.  

Secretary Update – Kim O’Neill

  • Glassware sales started again last week at the football game.  
    • Sold $124 dollars without ornaments.  Ornaments were big sellers last year. Will have for the next game. 
    •  Added “Mansfield” themed blankets this year which we hope will see well on cold nights.  Michelle will order additional blankets. Currently still working on stock that was purchased for last years home show.  
    • Will talk with Mrs.  Pepicelli to ask for permission to sell at QMS conferences again this year.  

Fundraising Report – Deborah Stratton

  • Prize-a-Day Calendars – Ready to launch.  Kids will sell through October and prizes will be drawn in November.  Each calendar purchase give buyer three chances to win. Winners will be notified weekly.  All prizes have been donated. Discussion had regarding price of calendars.  
  • Fall Fundraiser – Trivia and Game Night.  November 2nd at Mansfield Elks Club in Mansfield.  Ticket link will go live tonight. Bob Trejo will be MC for the night.
    • Vote on if tickets should be $20 or $25.  Will have prizes and a light dinner will be included, cash bar will be available.  Vote held, all in favor of $25 ticket price.  
  • Restaurant Fundraiser Update – Dianna Dolan reports that 1st restaurant night was held at Fresh Catch where we made $151.  
    • Next restaurant night will be held at the 99 in Foxboro on November 13 for 4-8, need to present the flyer.  We are able to do one raffle basket if we would like and we can sell glassware.  
    • Need to verify locations for next two restaurant nights.  
    • Will get more info on Moo-ya and their program.  
    • Working on Flannel Cow for end of the year.  
  • Marching for the Crown – Online platform.  People would be asked to donate per mile that we travel throughout the Marching Band season.  Will put a link on the website and other social media to request donations of $10 per mile. We will travel a total of 632 miles this season.  Donations of $300 to cover a competition 
    • Spartans Drum and Bugle corp. Use for their summer tour and is a successful fundraiser for them.
    • Those who donate will receive social media acknowledgement.
    • Payments will likely be made through PayPal at this time.
    • We need to make sure people are aware that we are a 501 C 3 non profit when they donate.  

New Business/Concerns

  • Webmaster Update – Mark Baylis has been working to make some changes to the website along with Bernie Dolan.  Weekly Updates will now be available on the web site. Trying to increase traffic.
    • New Twitter feed. Need to figure out Instagram.
    • Mark would like feedback on new website.
  • Student Liaisons – Sydney Ten Eyck and Hailey McGuire as voted on by the band and color guard members.  They will be attending MBPA meeting and working with us to get student feedback on fundraising and other programing.  Will help educate the students on the role of MBPA so they better understand the need for fundraising and how much is required to keep the programs running.  
    • Google Classroom survey for kids to give input on what would like to raise money for and how they would like to fundraise for those items.  
  • Grant Writer –  position open.  
    • We have recently found out that we have a grant from Mass Cultural Council to defray the cost of busses for Big E. Parents will be credited back money towards what they paid for busses once details finalized.   
    • Jenn Walsh offered to be the new grant writer.  Will put in contact with Jill Kearney, former grant writer.  
  • Middle School Committee – Three volunteers.  Will meet with Mrs. Pep so can get up and running to hopefully get the middle school parents more involved.  
  • Ensemble descriptions on website – Mark Baylis would like to get new descriptions to update web site.  Mr. McGuire will work with Mark on that.  


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM 

Next Meeting November 6, 2019 at 7:00PM