Mattress Sale FAQ

What’s a mattress?

Don’t play dumb with me.  🙂

Haha, sorry — Where (and when) is this thing again?

It’s today!  Saturday, August 19th, at Mansfield High School from 10am to 5pm —  250 East St. — Mansfield, MA

And what is this for again?

If you’ve had in mind to buy a new mattress (or pillow) soon, this is a great way to support the Mansfield Band program.  More info here:

This sounds weird / shady — is this legit??

Totally!  The company helping us with this, Custom Fundraising Solutions, has a great rundown of how this works right on their site:

Does Mr. McGuire (our band director) endorse / support this?

He sure does.  You can listen to a personal message from Mr. McGuire at this page: (click “LISTEN”).

Is there a Facebook invite I can accept / share?

I don’t really have a need for a new mattress right now, but how else can I help the Mansfield Band program?

To start, you can tell people about this Mattress Sale!  Share this page or any of the links above with your friends.
There are also a number of ways you can help!

Are there any door prizes?

The first fifty people to arrive will get a personally autographed photo of Mr. McGuire!

Wow, are you serious?

Nope!  But you should totally swing by anyway.  If you really want a photo, we’ll see what we can do 😉

No really, what’s a mattress??

Thank you for supporting the Mansfield Band Program!!!