3rd Annual Mattress Sale to be August 27th

sleepAs unusual as it may sound, three years ago we were approached by a guy who coordinates mattress sales as a fundraiser.  At first we were all kinda “oooh that’s weird” but we decided to give it a try and as it turned out,  we raised nearly $10,000 that first year and so have continued this unusual fundraising event every year since. Well this year marks the 3rd annual band parents mattress sale to be held this coming saturday the 27th in the MHS cafeteria. These are brand new top quality brand name mattresses shipped direct to your home.  So if your old mattress is sagging, discolored, or lumpy in all the wrong places, stop by our official showroom in the MHS cafeteria this saturday and check out the mattresses we have to offer.  Just think, the next mattress you buy could help fund a band program!

Follow THIS LINK  for a printable flyer that includes a $50 discount on any mattress purchase


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