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Mansfield Home Show 2013 Current Volunteer List



goes out to all our parent, alumni, and student

volunteers!  The Home Show was a huge success

and went off without a hitch.

We couldn’t have done it without your help!


The home show is TODAY! We still urgently need coverage at equipment load-in, bus parking, and kitchen.  Please help by signing up for a shift or stop by the volunteer desk outside the auditorium after 1:30 and we’ll fit you into an open slot!  All positions and shifts are listed below.  Items in RED still need volunteers.

**NEW** Baked goods are needed for our bake sale table. Learn more on our bake sale heroes page!

IMPORTANT: Please note that signups are processed by a site moderator and will not show up immediately.  However, most signups will be processed within 12  hours and once processed, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the updated volunteer list.

POSITION: Spectator Door

There are two spectator door volunteers per shift. Spectator door volunteers stand at either side of the gym spectator entrance doors and check spectators for hand stamps, wrist bands, or NESBA badges for admittance. Spectator door volunteers ensure that doors are closed during group performances and opened between performances.  NO ONE MAY PASS in or out during performances except judges and/or NESBA officials.

2:45-5:00 shift | spectator door volunteers needed: 0

  • Sherry Courtois
  • Sue Trask

5:00-7:00 shift | spectator door volunteers needed: 0

  • Lisa Chick
  • Terry Demers

7:00-9:30 shift | spectator door volunteers needed: 0

  • Jennifer Hume
  • Sue Trask

POSITION: Performer Door

There are two performer door volunteers per shift. Performer door volunteers stand at either side of the gym performer entrance doors and admit only performers for current performing group. Performer door volunteers ensure that doors are closed during group performances and opened between performances to admit the next peforming group.  NO ONE MAY PASS in or out during performances except judges and/or NESBA officials.

2:45-5:00 shift | performer door volunteers needed: 0

  • Arnie Harchik
  • Vicki Harchik

5:00-7:00 shift | performer door volunteers needed: 0

  • Marie Leuchte
  • Kim Guarino

7:00-9:00 shift | performer door volunteers needed: 0

  • Kevin Brown
  • Lisa Chick

POSITION: 50/50 Raffle

There are two 50/50 raffle volunteers per shift. 50/50 raffle volunteers canvass the spectators between performances and sell raffle tickets for the 50/50 raffle.  The winner of this popular event gets drawn during the awards ceremony at the end of the show.  Special thanks to Steve and Patty Greenberg who continue to volunteer for this position every year even though their own music students graduated years ago. Thanks to the Greenbergs for making the 50/50 a huge success every year!

3:30-6:00 shift | 50/50 raffle volunteers needed: 0

  • Steve Greenberg
  • Patty Greenberg

6:00-9:00 shift | 50/50 raffle volunteers needed: 0

  • Steve Greenberg
  • Patty Greenberg

POSITION: Admissions Desk

There are two admissions desk volunteers per shift. Admissions desk volunteers staff the table at the entrance to the building and take money for admission to the show and apply the hand stamp indicating payment has been made.  Admission rates as follows: Adults-$8, Students-$5, Children under 5 are free. Performers (wearing wrist bands), staff (with wrist bands or NESBA badges), and officials displaying NESBA badges do not need to pay for admission.

2:00-4:00 shift | Admissions Desk volunteers needed: 0

  • Diane Nugent
  • Chuck Nugent

4:00-6:00 shift | Admissions Desk volunteers needed: 0 

  • Amy Kelley
  • Janine DeCoste

6:00-8:00 shift | Admissions Desk volunteers needed: 0

  • Janine DeCoste
  • Eric Pedro jr

POSITION: Sales Table

There are two sales table volunteers per shift. Sales table volunteers staff the table in the hallway outside the gym and sell any available promotional items such as sandals, tush cush, foam fingers, additional raffles, etc.

2:30-5:00 shift | Sales Table volunteers needed: 0

  • Beth Buckley
  • Paula Chute

5:00-7:00 shift | Sales Table volunteers needed: 0

  • Michelle Archambault
  • Sue Trask

7:00-9:00 shift | Sales Table volunteers needed: 0

  • Karen Corinha
  • Linda Thompson

POSITION: Volunteer Desk

There are two volunteer desk volunteers per shift. Volunteer desk volunteers staff the table in the hallway outside the Band Room and sign in volunteers as they arrive.  Volunteers are either hand-stamped, or badged, and sent off to their respective positions as shown on the sign-in log.

1:30-4:00 shift | Volunteer Desk volunteers needed: 0

  • Linda Thompson
  • Colleen Daniel

4:00-7:30 shift | Volunteer Desk volunteers needed: 0

  • James Trask
  • Julie Trask

POSITION: Registration Desk

There are two registration desk volunteers per shift. Registration desk volunteers check in performing groups as they arrive. Registration desk volunteers take payment as required from performing groups that owe fees and issue wrist bands to all performers and to staff displaying a NESBA badge. Anyone who is not a performer, and doesn’t have a NESBA badge needs to be directed to the Admissions Desk at the main entrance to the gym to pay admission and receive a hand stamp.

1:00-4:00 shift | Registration Desk volunteers needed: 0

  • Cheryl Duffy
  • James Trask

4:00-7:00 shift | Registration Desk volunteers needed: 0

  • Dana Walsh
  • Lily Walsh

POSITION: Equipment Load-in

There are two equipment load-in volunteers per shift. Equipment load-in volunteers oversee incoming groups as they unload their trucks and bring their instruments and equipment into the school.  Equipment load-in volunteers will be provided with a map of classroom assignments that each incoming group is assigned to.  MHS students will be on-hand as guides to bring the groups to their assigned classrooms. Only students and staff from the incoming groups handle equipment, volunteers provide guidance but do not lift or move equipment.

1:00-3:00 shift | Equipment load-in volunteers needed: 0

  • Tina Seiler
  • Michael Walsh

3:00-6:00 shift | Equipment load-in volunteers needed: 2 sign-up-now

6:00-8:00 shift | Equipment load-in volunteers needed: 1 sign-up-now

  • Michael Walsh

POSITION: Equipment Load-out

There are two equipment load-out volunteers per shift. Equipment load-out volunteers oversee outgoing groups as they unload their instruments and equipment from the school and reload their trucks. Only students and staff from the outgoing groups handle equipment, volunteers provide guidance but do not lift or move equipment.

3:00-6:00 shift | Equipment load-out volunteers needed: 0

  • Eric Pedro
  • Eric Moberg

6:00-9:00 shift | Equipment load-out volunteers needed: 1 sign-up-now

  • Eric Pedro

POSITION: Bus Parking

There are three bus parking volunteers per shift. Bus parking volunteers intercept buses as they arrive at the parking lot, give drivers a map and coupon for free coffee, and direct them to the back of the school to park.  You will also provide direction as needed to spectators, sending them to student and teacher parking areas with overflow to QMS and/or JJ lots.

1:00-4:00 shift | Bus parking volunteers needed: 1 sign-up-now

  • Tom Redznak
  • Alice Redznak

4:00-7:00 shift | Bus parking volunteers needed: 2 sign-up-now

  • Chris Daniel

7:00-9:00 shift | Bus parking volunteers needed: 1 sign-up-now

  • Mary Kate Bifano
  • Tom Bifano

POSITION: Kitchen Help

There are six kitchen help volunteers per shift. Kitchen help volunteers do food prep, serve, and cleanup as well as cashier duty. The kitchen is open for business from 2:00 until 9:00pm.

1:00-3:00  shift | Kitchen help volunteers needed: 1 sign-up-now

  • Maureen Buonpane
  • Jody Busa
  • Denise St. Jean
  • Karen Moberg
  • Lisa Chick

3:00-5:00  shift | Kitchen help volunteers needed: 1 sign-up-now

  • Martin Thompson
  • Debra Joyce
  • Denise St. Jean
  • Steven Joyce
  • Russ Goldstein

5:00-7:00 shift | Kitchen help volunteers needed: 0

  • Jody Busa
  • Mary Beth McIntire
  • Cheryl Duffy
  • Thomas Demers
  • Denise St. Jean
  • Brianna McKay

7:00-9:00 shift | Kitchen help volunteers needed: 2 sign-up-now

  • Mary Beth McIntire
  • Thomas Demers
  • Denise St. Jean
  • Brianna McKay


2:00-9:00 shift | Nurse volunteers needed: 0

  • Sam Cox

POSITION: Group Lead

The group lead is responsible for keeping the show running on schedule, coordination of groups moving into practice area, and line-up/entry into performance area.

all day | Group lead volunteers needed: 0

  • Laura Dunn


Floaters oversee all positions and are  available to fill in unplanned gaps in key positions until permanent arrangements can be made.

all day | Floater volunteers needed: 0

  • Sandy Clinton
  • Jim Clinton

homeshow13 final assignments

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